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Lou Stathis

Reeks + Strip Rang / Score
Black Kiss INT 1 Thick Black Kiss 10.00
The System 1 Issue #1 7.67
The System 2 Issue #2 7.67
The System 3 Issue #3 7.50
Dhampire: Stillborn 1 Dhampire: Stillborn 7.00
Industrial Gothic 2 Damn Your Hands 7.00
Industrial Gothic 3 Traces of Lilac 7.00
Industrial Gothic 4 The Truncheon's Waltz 7.00
Industrial Gothic 5 The Aluminum Tower 7.00
Prez: Smells Like Teen President 1 Prez: Smells Like Teen President 7.00
The Unseen Hand 1 The Party's Over 7.00
The Unseen Hand 2 Ruin, Rape, and Rock 'n' Roll 6.83
The Unseen Hand 3 Moscow Underground 6.50
The Unseen Hand 4 Hand's Up 6.50
Industrial Gothic 1 Anywhere But Here 5.50
Doom Patrol A75 A Handful of Dust 4.00
Doom Patrol A76 The Hotel of Lost Light 4.00
Doom Patrol A78 The Path of Vanished Alphabets 4.00
Doom Patrol A81 Two Mad Men With Foreheads and Boots 4.00
Doom Patrol A84 A Song For the Small Face 4.00
Doom Patrol A85 Gates of Light 4.00
Doom Patrol A86 The Cup of Knowing 4.00
Doom Patrol A87 A Cry for the Great Face 4.00
Animal Man 64 Breath of God
Animal Man 65 Perfumed Garden
Animal Man 66 Communion
Animal Man 67 Mysterious Ways, Part 1
Animal Man 68 Mysterious Ways, Part 2
Animal Man 69 Cold, Cold, Cold...
Animal Man 70 A Strange and Reckless Freedom
Animal Man 71 The Sermon on the Monument
Animal Man 72 Last Supper
Animal Man 73 Children and Animals
Animal Man 74 Better Red Than Dead!
Animal Man 75 Red Plague
Animal Man 76 Quarantine Zone
Animal Man 77 Thicker Than Water
Animal Man 78 Scarlet Fever
Animal Man 79 Promised Land
Animal Man 80 Homecoming
Animal Man 81 Shaman's Return
Animal Man 82 The Most Dangerous Game...
Animal Man 83 Monkey Trial
Animal Man 84 A Bedtime Story
Animal Man 85 Anima Mundi, Part One: The Ant Mystic
Animal Man 86 Anima Mundi, Part Two: The Little Idea That Could
Animal Man 87 Anima Mundi, Part 3: The Hidden Stone
Animal Man 88 Birth Pains, Part 1
Animal Man 89 Birth Pains, Part 2
Animal Man AN1 Misfit
Big Black Kiss 1 Book One
Big Black Kiss 2 Book Two
Big Black Kiss 3 Book Three
Big Book of 6 Little Criminals
Black Kiss 1 Book One
Black Kiss 2 Book Two
Black Kiss 3 Book Three
Black Kiss 4 Book Four
Black Kiss 5 Book Five
Black Kiss 6 Book Six
Black Kiss 7 Book Seven
Black Kiss 8 Book Eight
Black Kiss 9 Book Nine
Black Kiss 10 Book Ten
Black Kiss 11 Book Eleven
Black Kiss 12 Book Twelve
Black Orchid A2 Uprootings
Black Orchid A3 The Tainted Zone
Black Orchid A4 Acts of Faith
Black Orchid A5 The Mind Fields, Part 1
Black Orchid A6 The God in the Cage
Black Orchid A7 Upon the Threshold
Black Orchid A8 Clicks and Silence, Frogs and Mahogany
Black Orchid A9 The Murmuring of Mists, the Whisper of Flowers
Black Orchid A10 Florescence
Black Orchid A11 Suzy and the Trade of Fates
Black Orchid A12 Mr. Weems Takes a Wife
Black Orchid A13 Meta-Therapy
Black Orchid A14 Glamour's End
Black Orchid A15 A Walk on the Wyrd Side
Black Orchid A16 Suzy and the Splinteredlands
Black Orchid A17 A Twisted Season, Part 1: The Siting of Her Groves
Black Orchid A18 A Twisted Season, Part 2: Finality's Flower
Black Orchid A19 A Twisted Season, Part 3: The Dream of the Dead
Black Orchid A20 A Twisted Season, Part 4: Suzy and the Masks of God
Black Orchid A21 A Twisted Season, Part 5: The Last Days
Black Orchid A22 A Twisted Season, Part 6: End of theSeason
Black Orchid A AN1 The Memoirs of an Epiphyte
Doom Patrol A70 The Launching Game
Doom Patrol A71 The Fox and the Crow
Doom Patrol A72 The Prince and Princess of Desire
Doom Patrol A73 Return of the Windowmen
Doom Patrol A74 Bootleg Steele
Doom Patrol A77 The Witness Trees
Doom Patrol A79 The Fire Sermon
Doom Patrol A80 The Dogs of Soul
Doom Patrol A82 A Swaying Nipple and a Shower of Gold
Doom Patrol A83 Remembrance of Lives Passed
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 84 In Another Part of Hell
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 85 The Delicate Power of Terror
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 86 The Everything Virus
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 87 The Shout
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 88 Mountain of Madness
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 89 Dreamtime
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 90 Dangerous Ground
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 91 Riding the Green Lanes
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 92 Bait
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 93 Troubled Waters
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 94 The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 95 Coming Up for Air
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 96 Hook Line & Sinker
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 97 The Nature of the Beast
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 98 Walking the Dog
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 99 Punkin' Up the Great Outdoors
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 100 Sins of the Father
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 101 Football: It's a Funny Old Game
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 102 The Single-Sided Coin
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 103 The Trouble with Worms
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 104 The Darkening of the Light
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 105 A Taste of Heaven
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 106 In the Line of Fire, Part 1
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 107 Over My Dead Body
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 108 Days of Wine and Roses
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 109 The Wild Hunt
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 110 A Different Kind of Tension
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 111 No More Heroes
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 112 Human Punk
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 113 You're Just a...
Hellblazer (Vertigo) 114 No One is Innocent
Hellblazer (Vertigo) INT B11 Last Man Standing
Kid Eternity B8 God's Tick
Kid Eternity B9 Hysteria Knows No Gender
Kid Eternity B10 Small Wages
Kid Eternity B11 Eat Slap Die, Part 1
Kid Eternity B12 Eat Slap Die, Part 2
Kid Eternity B13 The Heat
Kid Eternity B14 The Devil's Last Stand
Kid Eternity B15 The Dinosaur
Kid Eternity B16 The Zone
Those Annoying Post Bros 1 Issue #1
Those Annoying Post Bros 2 Issue #2
Those Annoying Post Bros 3 Issue #3
Those Annoying Post Bros 17 Issue #17
Transit 1 Smoke Rings
Transit 2 Potato at Ground Zero
Transit 3 Corruption for Beginners
Transit 4 Incidents and Accidents
Transit 5 Sign of the Teaspoon
Vertigo Visions - The Phantom Stranger 1 Gerontion
Vortex Magazine 12 Issue #12