Luke Spear

Reeks + Strip (strip alfabetisch) Functie(s)   
Cinebook Recounts 2 The Falklands War Vertaling
Clifton (Cinebook) 1 My Dear Wilkinson Vertaling
Clifton (Cinebook) 2 The Laughing Thief Vertaling
Clifton (Cinebook) 4 Black Moon Vertaling
Clifton (Cinebook) 5 Jade Vertaling
Clifton (Cinebook) 6 Kidnapping Vertaling
Ducoboo 1 King of the Dunces Vertaling
Ducoboo 2 In the Corner! Vertaling
Ducoboo 3 Your Answers or Your Life Vertaling
Ducoboo 4 The Class Struggle Vertaling
The Fascinating Madame Tussaud 1 The Fascinating Madame Tussaud Vertaling
I.R.$. (Cinebook) 1 Taxing Trails Vertaling
I.R.$. (Cinebook) 2 Blue Ice Vertaling
I.R.$. (Cinebook) 3 Silicia Inc. Vertaling
Largo Winch (Cinebook) 3 Dutch Connection Vertaling
Largo Winch (Cinebook) 4 The Hour of the Tiger Vertaling
Largo Winch (Cinebook) 5 See Venice... Vertaling
Largo Winch (Cinebook) 6 ... And Die Vertaling
Largo Winch (Cinebook) 7 Golden Gate Vertaling
Largo Winch (Cinebook) 8 Shadow Vertaling
Lucky Luke (Cinebook) 27 Lucky Luke Versus Joss Jamon Vertaling
Papyrus (Cinebook) 3 Tutankhamun, the Assassinated Pharaoh Vertaling
Papyrus (Cinebook) 4 The Evil Mummies Vertaling
The Rugger Boys 1 Why Are We Here Again? Vertaling
The Rugger Boys 2 A Spoonful of Style and a Tonne of Class! Vertaling
Thorgal (Cinebook/Europe Comics) 1 Child of the Stars Vertaling
Thorgal (Cinebook/Europe Comics) 2 The Three Elders of Aran Vertaling
Thorgal (Cinebook/Europe Comics) 3 Beyond the Shadows Vertaling
Thorgal (Cinebook/Europe Comics) 4 The Archers Vertaling
Thorgal (Cinebook/Europe Comics) 5 The Land of Qa Vertaling
Thorgal (Cinebook/Europe Comics) 6 City of the Lost God Vertaling
Thorgal (Cinebook/Europe Comics) 7 The Master of the Mountains Vertaling
Thorgal (Cinebook/Europe Comics) 8 Wolf Cub Vertaling
Thorgal (Cinebook/Europe Comics) 9 The Guardian of the Keys Vertaling
Thorgal (Cinebook/Europe Comics) 10 The Sun Sword Vertaling
Yoko Tsuno (Cinebook) 1 On the Edge of Life Vertaling