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John "Jack" Morelli

Reeks Rang / Score
Moebius-The collected fantasies of Jean Giraud 1652 / 7.21
The Avengers: Absolute Vision
Avengers: Falcon
Azrael: Agent of the Bat
Batman: Gotham Knights
Batman: The Chalice
Betty Cooper Confidential
Captain America
The Chronicles of Conan
Classic Star Wars: A Long Time Ago
Codename Knockout
Daughters of the Dragon
Essential Moon Knight
Fantastic Five
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four Epic Collection
Fear Itself: Sin's Past
Green Arrow
Green Lantern
Harley Quinn
Hulk 2099
Infinity Abyss
The Infinity Crusade
The Infinity Gauntlet Aftermath
Infinity Gauntlet Omnibus
The Infinity Gauntlet
Iron Fist
Iron Man Epic Collection
The Jack of Hearts
JLA: Scary Monsters
Kickers, Inc.
Mark Hazzard: Merc
Marvel Comics Presents
Marvel Super Special
Marvel: The Lost Generation
Moebius (Graphitti Designs)
No-Prize Book
Official Marvel Index to the X-Men
Revenge of the Living Monolith
Riverdale présente Betty & Veronica
The Saga of Solomon Kane
Silver Sable and The Wild Pack
Solo (DC Comics)
Solo Avengers
Spider-Man Unlimited
Spitfire and the Troubleshooters
Star Brand
Star Wars (Marvel)
Star Wars Omnibus
Star Wars: The original Marvel Years Omnibus
Superman: True Brit
The Thing
Thor Epic Collection
U.S. 1
Uncanny Origins
Warlock and The Infinity Watch
The West Coast Avengers
What If...?