Chris Cooper

Pseudoniemen: Coop

Reeks + Strip Rang / Score
Sex Criminals 13 Bace 8.50
Cage 16 For Love Nor Money, Part 5: Love... Like a Weapon 6.00
Excalibur (Marvel) 77 Lowest Common Denominator 5.00
Excalibur (Marvel) 78 Fire In the Wild 5.00
Excalibur (Marvel) 79 Twisted Logic 5.00
Excalibur (Marvel) 80 Out of Time 5.00
Cage 13 Sudden Burning
Cage 14 Brothers in Arms
Cage 15 For Love Nor Money, Part 2: The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly
Cage 17 The Infinity Crusade Crossover: Someone Gas to Pay for This
Cage 18 The Dark, Part 1: Saving Grace
Cage 19 The Dark, Part 2: Seduction of the Innocent
Cage 20 The Dark, Part 3: Aggravated Suicide
Caged Heat 3000 1 Issue #1
Caged Heat 3000 2 Issue #2
Caged Heat 3000 3 Issue #3
Excalibur (Marvel) 81 Beginnings Middles & Endings
Ghost Rider B26 Blood Feud!
Ghost Rider B27 Vengeance. Pure and Simple.
Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight 1 Bee Vixens from Mars, Part 1
Incredible Hulk Epic Collection 19 Ghost of the Past
The Incredible Hulk AN1997 Sins of the Father
The Incredible Hulk AN1998 The Incredible Hulk & Sub-Mariner
Marvel Comics Presents 109 Issue #109
Marvel Comics Presents 110 Issue #110
Marvel Comics Presents 111 Issue #111
Marvel Comics Presents 112 Issue #112
Nightmare (Bennett) 1 Temptation
Nightmare (Bennett) 2 Fear Sells
Nightmare (Bennett) 3 My Dream Is Your Nightmare
Nightmare (Bennett) 4 Club Fear
Nightstalkers 15 Siege of Darkness, Part 9: Bad Blood
Nightstalkers 16 Strange Tales
Nightstalkers 17 The Bride of Dracula
Nightstalkers 18 All the Threads, Unraveled
Oni Double Feature 13 Sanity Clauses
Onyx Overlord 1 Armjourth
Onyx Overlord 2 Randomearth Yby
Onyx Overlord 3 Onyx
Onyx Overlord 4 Return to Armjourth
The Punisher B1 Condemned
The Punisher B2 Family
The Punisher B3 Hatchet Job
The Punisher B4 Clash
The Punisher B5 Firepower
The Punisher B6 Hostage to the Devil
The Punisher B7 He's Alive?!
X-Men & Ghost Rider 1 Brood Trouble in the Big Easy
X-Men Epic Collection 20 Bishop's Crossing
X-Men: Phalanx Covenant 1 X-Men: Phalanx Covenant