Nachie Castro

Reeks Functie(s)
Action Comics Editor
Amazons Attack! Editor
Batgirl Year One Editor
Batman: Death and the Maidens Editor
Batman: Family Editor
Batman: Gotham Adventures Editor
Batman: Gotham Knights Editor
Batman: Harley and Ivy Editor
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Editor
Batman: Nevermore Editor
Batman: The 12-Cent Adventure Editor
Batman: The Ankh Editor
Batman: The Chalice (Bundeling) Editor
Batman: Year 100 Editor
Birds of Prey Editor
Catwoman (DC) Editor
Catwoman Secret Files and Origins Editor
Detective Comics Editor
El Diablo Editor
Fallen Angel (DC Comics) Editor
Firestorm, The Nuclear Man Editor
Gotham Central Editor
Green Arrow Editor
Green Lantern Editor
Harley and Ivy Editor
Harley Quinn Editor
Harley Quinn: Our Worlds at War Editor
Jonah Hex Editor
Nightwing Editor
Robin (DC Comics) Editor
Secret Six Editor
Superman Editor
Superman: Camelot Falls Editor
Superman: Last Son Editor
Wonder Woman Editor
Year One: Batman/Ra's al Ghul Editor