Night of the Owls

Reeks Nr. in cyclus
1 Batman A8 Attack on Wayne Manor
2 Batman A9 Night of the Owls
3 Batman A AN1 First Snow
4 Detective Comics A9 The Owls Take Arkham
5 Batman and Robin A9 Robin Hears a Hoo
6 Catwoman (DC) C9 Mirrors Come in All Sizes
7 Batman: The Dark Knight A9 I Can No Longer Be Broken
8 Batgirl C9 In the Line of Fire
9 Nightwing B8 Bloodlines
10 Nightwing B9 The Gray Son
11 Batwing 9 You Have Been Judged Unworthy
12 Red Hood and the Outlaws 9 Who Are You? - Hoo? Hoo?
13 All-Star Western B9 Vengeance in the Big Easy
14 Batman: Night of the Owls 1 Batman: Night of the Owls