Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic

In de reeks De Vier Verdedigers

58 Rauwe Bonk contra het Ding!

In de reeks Heralds

INT 1 Heralds

In de reeks The Amazing Spider-Man

B667 Spider-Island, Part 1: The Amazing Spider-Manhattan

In de reeks Stan Lee presents The Fantastic Four (Marvel Illustrated)

1 The Fantastic Four

In de reeks Secret Avengers

18 No Zone

In de reeks Fear Itself: Captain America

7.1 Fear Itself: Captain America

In de reeks Venom

A8 Spider-Island, Part 3
A9 Capital Punishment

In de reeks Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four

10 Law of the Jungle

In de reeks Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller

INT 1 Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller, Vol. 1

In de reeks Iron Man 2.0

12 The Palmer Addley Infection, Conclusion

In de reeks Daken: Dark Wolverine

22 Lost Weekend, Part 2

In de reeks Astonishing X-men

B7 Dangerous, Part 1
INT B4 Unstoppable
INT B A1 Volume 1
INT B A2 Volume 2
INT B C1 Omnibus
B GS1 Gone

In de reeks X-Men (Marvel)

A18 Betrayal in the Bermuda Triangle, Part 3

In de reeks Wolverine

B22 Enemy of the State, Part 3
INT B4 Enemy of the State, Volume 1

In de reeks Daredevil by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson

1 Volume 1

In de reeks Daredevil Ultimate Collection

1 Bendis/Maleev, Book 1
2 Bendis/Maleev, Book 2
3 Bendis/Maleev, Book 3

In de reeks X-23

A15 Chaos Theory, Part 3
A16 Chaos Theory, Part 4
A17 Misadventures in Babysitting, Part 1
INT A2 Chaos Theory
INT A3 Don't Look Back

In de reeks Daredevil by Mark Waid

1 Volume 1

In de reeks Fantastic Four: ¡Isla De La Muerte!

1 ¡Isla De La Muerte!

In de reeks Fantastic Four: Island Of Death

1 Island Of Death

In de reeks Daredevil

2 The Evil Menace Of Electro
36 The Name Of The Game Is Mayhem!
37 Don't Look Now, But It's-- Dr. Doom!
38 The Living Prison!
164 Exposé
A8 Guardian Devil, Part 8: The Devil's Deliverance
A34 Out, Part 3
A39 Trial of the Century, Part 2
A56 The King of Hell's Kitchen, Part 1
A65 The universe
A81 The Murdock Papers, Part 6
INT A A1 Guardian Devil and Parts of a Hole
INT A A2 Underboss and Out
INT A A3 Lowlife and Hardcore
INT A A4 King of Hell's Kitchen and The Widow
INT A A6 The Murdock Papers and Wake Up
B3 Issue #3
INT B3 Volume 3

In de reeks Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman

5 Volume 5
6 Volume 6

In de reeks Age of Ultron

INT 2 Age of Ultron Companion
INT *1 Age of Ultron

In de reeks Fantastic Four

B603 Forever, Part 4
B604 Forever, Part 5
B605 End of Line
C5AU The Death of the Family Richards During the Bloody Age of Ultron! Or, "Everything's Going to Be Okay."
INT C2 Road Trip
B525 Dream Fever, Part 1

In de reeks Marvel Age Spider-Man

2 Spider-Man versus Doctor Octopus
4 Marked for destruction by Dr. Doom
7 The terrible threat of the Living Brain

In de reeks Uncanny Avengers

17 Ragnarok Now
INT 3 Ragnarok Now

In de reeks FF

9 Burn It Down
10 What I Need
11 Intelligence
12 Too Many Kids
INT 1 Volume 1
INT A2 Family Freakout

In de reeks Punisher HC Collections (Marvel Knights)

1 Volume 1

In de reeks Captain America

314 Asylum

In de reeks Squadron Supreme

INT 1 Squadron Supreme

In de reeks Squadron Supreme By Mark Gruenwald Omnibus

1 Squadron Supreme By Mark Gruenwald Omnibus

In de reeks Uncanny Avengers (Standaard)

6 Deel 6

In de reeks The Eternals

B1 Intelligent Design

In de reeks Captain America by Ed Brubaker Omnibus

5 The Return of the Winter Soldier

In de reeks Ultimate Comics Ultimates

7 Two Cities, Two Worlds
8 Two Cities, Two Worlds, Part 2
INT 2 Ultimates By Jonathan Hickman, Volume 2

In de reeks Marvel Comics - La collection (Hachette)

31 Daredevil: Sous l'aile du diable
44 Astonishing X-Men: Dangereuse
57 Marvel Knights Spider-Man: Crache ton venin
82 Daredevil: Meurtre sous contrat
99 Daredevil: Le bruit et la fureur
108 The Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Island, première partie
117 The Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Island, deuxième partie

In de reeks Marvel Knights Spider-Man

INT 3 The Last Stand
INT 4 Wild Blue Yonder

In de reeks Daredevil Omnibus

1 Volume 1