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Cat Grant/Catherine Grant

In de reeks Superman: The Wedding Album

1 The Event of the Century!

In de reeks Superman

483 Blindspot!
497 Doomsday, Part 4
427 Mind Games
428 Personal Best
429 Old Ties
430 Homeward Bound!
431 They Call Him.. Doctor Stratos
434 Gangwar, Part 3: Shambles
435 The Circle Turns
438 The Amazing Brainiac
439 Tin Soldiers
441 The Tiny Terror of Tinseltown
445 Headhunter
447 Over the Edge
448 The Ledge
452 Hell Beyond
454 Wayfarer
455 Heritage
456 Redemption!
457 Echoes
458 I Sing the Body Elastic
462 Home for the Holidays!
465 The Last Son of Krypton
466 The Limits of Power!
467 Dark Knight over Metropolis, Part 2: Taken to the Grave
468 The Outcast
473 Rings of Fire
480 Dying Breed
482 The Planet Strikes!
491 A Good Head on Your Shoulders
498 Funeral for a Friend, Part 1: Death of a Legend
500 Life After Death!
501 The Adventures of Superman ... When He Was a Boy!
503 Line of Fire!
505 Reign of the Superman!
507 Spilled Blood, Part 1: Skin Game
508 The Future is Now!
510 Bizarro World!
524 Where Is Superman?
526 Title Bout!
527 The Return
529 Jail Break
532 Troubled Waters
535 Love and War
543 The Honeymoon's Over
549 The Gang's All Here
550 The Secret
555 Face-Off!
597 Rubber Crutch
610 Small Perceptions
*0 Peer Pressure, Part 2: Awards
A5 The Mummy Strikes
A10 The Super Menace of Metropolis
A11 The Name Game
A13 Toys in the Attic
A19 The Power That Failed!
A24 Power Politics
A28 Superman in Exile
A33 Two Destinies!
A36 Laugh... I Thought I'd Die!
A40 Terror on the Streets
A42 The Day of the Krypton Man, Part 4: Krypton Man
A44 Dark Knight Over Metropolis, Part 1: Green Death in Crime Alley
A50 Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite, Part 4: The Human Factor
A51 Mister Z!
A53 Truth, Justice and the American Way
A60 Intergang -- No More!
A63 Shadows from the Past!
A75 Doomsday, Part 7: Doomsday!
A83 On the Edge
A84 Toys
A85 Dark Retribution
A87 Bizarro
A98 Changes
A104 Revenge of Apokolips
A105 Misperceptions
A111 Divisions
A120 To Be a Superman
A130 The Longest Halloween
A142 Clark Kent No More
A162 The American Dream
A166 Fathers
B13 They Will Join You in the Sun...
B18 Metropolitan Nightmare

In de reeks Superman (Lion)

1 De prijs van verandering

In de reeks DC Comics - Le meilleur des super-héros

40 Superman: La mort de Superman

In de reeks Superman: H'el on Earth

1 Superman: H'el on Earth

In de reeks Justice League America

69 Doomsday, Part 2: Down for the Count

In de reeks Superman: World Without a Superman

1 Superman: World Without a Superman

In de reeks Superman: The Return of Superman

1 Superman: The Return of Superman

In de reeks The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus

1 The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus

In de reeks Superman: Bizarro's World

1 Superman: Bizarro's World

In de reeks Superman: The Man of Steel

58 Identity Crisis, Part 3: Snares

In de reeks Action Comics

688 An Eye for an Eye
723 Identity Crisis, Part 2: Keys
B1012 By Any Other Name...

In de reeks Supergirl

C35 New Krypton, Part 5: The Secret Origin of Supergir
C36 New Krypton, Part 8: Death in the House of El