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Cliff Baker

In de reeks Animal Man (Urban Comics)

1 La chasse

In de reeks Animal Man

1 The Human Zoo
4 When We All Lived in the Forest
5 The Coyote Gospel
7 The Death of the Red Mask
9 Home Improvements
14 Spooks
17 Consequences
18 At Play in the Fields of the Lord
19 A New Science of Life
20 The Last Enemy
21 Tooth and Claw
22 Time in a Bottle
26 Deus Ex Machina
27 The Coma Kid
28 The Naked Afternoon Snack
29 Born To Be Wild
30 A Nice Day for a Weird Wedding
31 Rites of Passage
32 Schrodinger's Pizza
33 I Am the Man of Deep Ungodly Powers
34 Requiem for a Bird of Prey
35 Dead Dogs on Ice!
36 The Call of the Wild
38 The Penalizer
39 Master of Wolves
INT 1 Animal Man
INT 2 Origin of the Species
INT 3 Deus Ex Machina
A2 The Hunt, Part 2: Maps
A3 The Hunt, Part 3: Totems
A4 The Hunt, Part 4: The Rot
A5 The Hunt, Part 5: Food Chain
A6 Tights
A7 Animal Vs. Man, Part 1
INT A5 Evolve or Die!