Green Lantern/Kyle Rayner

In de reeks Green Lantern versus Aliens

INT 1 Green Lantern Versus Aliens

In de reeks JLA (Panini comics - Frans)

3 Mesures extrêmes

In de reeks Voodoo

A3 Into the Light

In de reeks Green Lantern: Rebirth

INT 1 Green Lantern: Rebirth

In de reeks Starman

A43 Knight's Past
A48 Stars My Destination, Part 1: Starman Blues
INT A6 To Reach The Stars
INT A7 A Starry Knight
INT A A4 The Starman Omnibus, Volume 4
INT A A5 The Starman Omnibus, Volume 5

In de reeks Green Lantern: New Guardians

1 New Guardians, Part 1
2 New Guardians, Part 2
3 New Guardians, Part 3
5 The Orrery
7 Invictus

In de reeks JLA

INT *A1 The Deluxe Edition, Volume 1

In de reeks Multiversity (Lion)

3 De rechtvaardigen

In de reeks Green Lantern: 1001 Emerald Nights

1 1001 Emerald Nights

In de reeks Green Lantern: Evil's Might

1 Evil's Might
2 ...The Green Lantern's Light
3 ...Who Becomes a Hero

In de reeks The Batman Chronicles

15 Issue #15

In de reeks JLA/The Spectre: Soul War

1 Issue #1
2 Issue #2

In de reeks Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day

3 Recessional
INT 1 Graduation Day

In de reeks Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Death and Return of Donna Troy

1 Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Death and Return of Donna Troy

In de reeks JLA: Scary Monsters

1 Scary Monsters
2 Cold Front
3 Bloody Bones
4 Super Freaks
5 Fatal Fire
6 Legacy

In de reeks Deathstroke, the Hunted

45 The Road to Salvation

In de reeks Deathstroke

48 Third Strike
49 All the Kings Men
50 Revelations

In de reeks The Multiversity

INT 1 The Multiversity

In de reeks Booster Gold

A7 Blue & Gold, Part 2: O.M.A.C.'D
A23 Day of Death, Part 3
A24 Day of Death, Epilogue
INT A2 Blue and Gold
INT A4 Day of Death

In de reeks JSA

34 Stealing Thunder, Part 2: Troublestruck
35 Stealing Thunder, Part 3: Lightning Storm
37 Stealing Thunder, Part 5: Crossing Over
INT 5 Stealing Thunder

In de reeks DC Comics - Le meilleur des super-héros

31 Superman: Pour demain - 1re partie

In de reeks Firestorm

A21 Building a Better Firestorm, Book 1: The Chalk Circle
A22 Building a Better Firestorm, Book 2: Lost and Found

In de reeks Countdown

49 Issue #3
50 Issue #2
51 Issue #1

In de reeks Green Arrow/Black Canary

30 Lying to Myself
INT 6 Five Stages

In de reeks Damage

10 Links
13 Picking up the Pieces, Chapter One
16 The Elements Of Power

In de reeks Green Arrow

A104 Bad Blood
A110 Hard-Traveling Heroes: The Next Generation, Part 2: Desolation Again
A111 Hard-Traveling Heroes: The Next Generation, Part 4: Final Appeal
A125 The Fiery Furnace
A126 All The Colors of Hate
A130 Death at the Top of the World
A132 Like a God, Part 1: The Return of Eddie Fyers?
A133 Lest The Heavens Fall
B1 Quiver, Chapter 1: The Queen is Dead (Long Live the Queen)
B4 Quiver, Chapter 4: Membership Has Its Privileges
B5 Quiver, Chapter 5: The Anatomy Lesson
B10 Quiver, Chapter 10: Father's Day
B19 The Archer's Quest, Part 4: Superfriends
B23 Busted
B24 Hero Worship
B25 Know Thy Enemy
INT B1 Quiver
INT B3 The Archer's Quest
INT B A1 Green Arrow by Kevin Smith

In de reeks Batman: Road to No Man's Land

2 Volume Two

In de reeks Superman: The Man of Steel

92 Secret Origins, Part 4: Cogito Ergo Doom!

In de reeks Action Comics

757 Secret Origins, Part 3: Eyes of the Hawk

In de reeks Superman

551 Genesis for Humanity
557 The End of the World as We Know It!
570 Secret Origins, Part 2: The Invader from Earth!
596 Shipbuilding
A105 Misperceptions
A147 Secret Origins, Part 1: The Knight
A159 Detour
A204 For Tomorrow, Part 1