Tars Tarkas

In de reeks John Carter Warlord of Mars

1 The Air-Pirates of Mars, Chapter 1
2 From The Shadows of Stara-Kan
4 Raiding Party
6 Hell In Helium
7 Dejah Thoris Lives
8 Flesh May Wither...and Stone May Crumble
9 Armageddon...At Last
10 Confrontation
11 The Story of Dejah Thoris
12 City of Skulls
13 March of the Dead
14 Tonight Is the Night Helium Dies
16 The Master Assassin of Mars, Chapter 1
18 Meanwhile, Back in Helium!
23 The Man Who Makes Murder
24 Betrayal!
25 Hide-n-Seek
26 Night of the Long Knives
27 Marathon of Death
AN2 The Headman of Mars
AN3 Amazons of Mars

In de reeks John Carter of Mars

2 Tyrant of the North
3 The Black Pirates of Omean

In de reeks Warlord of Mars

INT 2 Volume Two
INT 4 Volume Four

In de reeks John Carter, Warlord of Mars (Dynamite Entertainment)

7 Excursion
10 Issue #10
INT 2 Man-Made Monster
SP1 2015 Special

In de reeks Swords of Sorrow

1 Diving Towards Divinity
2 Issue #2

In de reeks John Carter: The End

3 Issue #3

In de reeks Pathfinder: Worldscape

2 Issue #2
6 Jungle Magic
INT 1 Pathfinder: Worldscape