Lady Shiva (DC)/Sandra Woosan (Wu-San)

In de reeks Batman

427 A Death in the Family, Book 2
469 Shadow Box, Part 3
509 KnightsEnd, Part 1: Spirit of the Bat
534 Legacy, Part 5: A Wound on the Heart of Heaven
616 Hush, Chapter 9: The Assassins
INT 6 Hush, Volume 2

In de reeks Birds of Prey

58 Of Like Minds, Part 3
62 Sensei & Student, Part 1
63 Sensei & Student, Part 2: Pride & Poison
64 Sensei & Student, Part 3: Mercy & Murder
65 Sensei & Student, Part 4: Power & Permanence
108 Whitewater, Epilogue: Swan Song
INT 1 Birds of Prey
INT 3 Of Like Minds
INT 4 Sensei & Student
INT 9 Dead Of Winter
INT A1 Birds of Prey
A6 Two Nights in Bangkok, Part 2: Heart of Pain, Life of War

In de reeks Batman: Hush

1 Batman: Hush

In de reeks Batman: Knightfall

3 Knightsend
A3 Knightsend

In de reeks Multiversity (Lion)

2 Veroveraars van de tegenwereld

In de reeks Detective Comics

676 KnightsEnd, Part 3: Too Many Ninjas

In de reeks DC Comics - Le meilleur des super-héros

2 Batman: Silence, 2e partie

In de reeks Azrael

10 Underworld Unleashed: Arena

In de reeks Batgirl Secret Files and Origins

1 Issue #1

In de reeks Batgirl

7 This sucks
8 Okay, so she's fast
9 He doesn't have to say a word...
21 Friend?
23 Little Talk
25 I Am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds
26 Sure She's Okay?
62 The Hood, Part 3: Dead Weight
67 Destruction's Daughter, Part 2: Bird Calls
68 Destruction's Daughter, Part 3: Motherlode
69 Destruction's Daughter, Part 4: Love's Labors...
70 Destruction's Daughter, Conclusion: The Resurrection and the Life
71 Blood Matters, Part 1: Prey for Her
72 Blood Matters, Part 2: Turning Abel
INT 2 A Knight Alone
INT 3 Death Wish
INT 4 Fists of Fury
INT 5 Kicking assassins
INT 6 Destruction's Daughter

In de reeks The Batman Chronicles

22 Issue #22

In de reeks Birds of Prey: Manhunt

3 The Man That Got Away
4 Ladies' Choice

In de reeks Batman: Gotham Knights

9 Transference, Part 2

In de reeks Red Hood and the Outlaws

21 Dissolution
22 Dangerous People
23 All Fall Down
24 Shakedown
25 The Beckoning Dark
26 Remembering

In de reeks Secret Six

C11 The Gauntlet, Part 1: Head of the Class
C12 The Violence in Silence
C13 Silent Running
C14 Everyone Says Goodbye, Sometimes

In de reeks The Multiversity

INT 1 The Multiversity

In de reeks Robin (DC Comics)

1 Big Bad World
2 The Shepardess
3 The Destroying Angel
4 Strange Company
5 The Dark
INT 1 A Hero Reborn
A8 KnightsEnd, Part 5: Death's Door
A50 Faster, Faster!
A51 Kiss and Kill
A148 Robin, Boy Wanted, Part 1:: Out Go the Lights
A149 Robin, Boy Wanted, Part 2: Assault on Precinct Nine
A183 Robin Dies At Dawn!

In de reeks Robin - Bundelingen (DC Comics)

1 Reborn
2 Triumphant

In de reeks Deathstroke

B2 Journey Into the Abyss
B4 Moving Targets
B5 Battle Royale
B6 Honor Thy Father
INT B1 Gods Of War

In de reeks Green Arrow

A135 Brotherhood of the Fist, Part 5: The Borrowed Life

In de reeks DC Comics - La légende de Batman

42 Knightsend, 1re partie
43 Knightsend, 2e partie
58 Un deuil dans la famille

In de reeks Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Batman - Knightfall

1 Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Batman - Knightfall