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Booster Gold/Michael Jon Carter

In de reeks Animal Man

20 The Last Enemy
21 Tooth and Claw
22 Time in a Bottle

In de reeks The Kingdom

INT 1 The Kingdom

In de reeks Justice League International

B2 The Signal Masters, Part 2
B3 The Signal Masters, Part 3

In de reeks All-Star Western

B19 Panning for Gold
B20 Gold Standard
B21 Where Do We Go from Here?
B28 The New Frontier

In de reeks Birds of Prey

79 Hero Hunters, Part 4: She Rides the Eye of a Hurricane
82 The Battle Within, Part 2: The Long Count
INT 6 The Battle Within

In de reeks Secret Six

B36 Caution to the Wind, Part 2: Blood Honor
INT B6 The Darkest House

In de reeks Superman: Day of Doom

1 Doomsday
INT 1 Day of Doom

In de reeks Formerly Known as the Justice League

1 A[nother] New Beginning
2 Déjà Vu All Over Again
3 Dead Man's Hand
4 Issue #4
5 The Wrath of Manga Khan
6 A League of Their Own
INT 1 Formerly Known As the Justice League

In de reeks Suicide Squad

13 Battle Lines
INT 2 The Nightshade Odyssey

In de reeks Deathstroke

49 All the Kings Men

In de reeks Convergence Booster Gold

1 Ride the Wave
2 Issue #2

In de reeks The Brave and the Bold

A23 Shadows of Tomorrow

In de reeks Booster Gold

1 The Big Fall
2 Cold Redemption
5 Face Off
6 To Cross the Rubicon
7 The Lesson
9 Time Bridge, Part 2
10 Death Grip of the 1000
11 When Glass Houses Shatter
12 War
13 The Tomorrow Run
14 A Future Lost
15 Runback
16 Fresh Start
17 Dream of Terror
18 Showdown
19 Revenge of the Rainbow Raider
20 The Colors of Justice
21 Invasion from Dimension X
22 Tortured Options
23 Blind Obsession
24 Betrayal
25 The End
A1 52 Pick-Up, Part 1: Secret Origins
A2 52 Pick-Up, Part 2: Leggo My Ego
A3 52 Pick-Up, Part 3: Hexed
A4 52 Pick-Up, Part 4: He's Gonna Save Every One of Us!
A5 52 Pick-Up, Part 5: No Joke
A6 52 Pick-Up, Part 6: Meet the Beetles
A7 Blue & Gold, Part 2: O.M.A.C.'D
A8 Blue & Gold, Part 3: Freedom Fighters
A9 Blue & Gold, Part 4: Putting the Band Back Together
A11 Vicious Cycle, Part 1
A12 Vicious Cycle, Part 2
A13 Stars in Your Eyes, Part 1
A14 Stars in Your Eyes, Part 2
A15 Reality Lost, Part 1
A16 Reality Lost, Part 2
A17 Reality Lost, Part 3
A18 Reality Lost, Part 4
A19 Reality Lost, Epilogue
A20 Issue #20
A21 Day of Death, Part 1
A22 Day of Death, Part 2
A23 Day of Death, Part 3
A24 Day of Death, Epilogue
A25 Day of Death, Aftermath
A26 Dead Ted, Part 1
A27 Dead Ted, Part 2
A28 The Tomorrow Memory, Part 1
A29 The Tomorrow Memory, Part 2
A30 The Tomorrow Memory, Part 3
A31 The Tomorrow Memory, Epilogue
A32 Tense Future!
A33 Past Imperfect!
A34 Deja Blue [and Gold!]
A35 Destiny! Destiny! No Escaping That For Me!
A36 This Man... This Chipmunk!
A37 The Big Meoww!
A38 Glory Days!
A39 Letting Go!
A40 The Life and Times of Michael Jon Carter
A41 Booster-Busted!
A42 Perforations
A43 Endgame
A47 Turbulence, Part 4
INT A1 52 Pick-up
INT A2 Blue and Gold
INT A3 Reality Lost
INT A4 Day of Death
INT A5 The Tomorrow Memory
INT A6 Past Imperfect

In de reeks Firestorm, The Nuclear Man

71 Hammer and Tong

In de reeks War of the Gods

4 In The Beginning... There Was the End

In de reeks Hawk and Dove

A1 Gauntlet

In de reeks DC Comics - Le meilleur des super-héros

40 Superman: La mort de Superman

In de reeks L.E.G.I.O.N.

AN3 Chasing Shadows

In de reeks Action Comics

675 Panic in the Sky, Part 4: Divide and Conquer
B994 Booster Shot, Part 2
B995 Booster Shot, Part 3
B996 Booster Shot, Part 4

In de reeks Superman: The Man of Steel

10 Panic in the Sky, Part 5: Tidal Wave!

In de reeks Superman: Panic in the Sky!

1 Superman: Panic in the Sky!

In de reeks Justice League America

69 Doomsday, Part 2: Down for the Count

In de reeks The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus

1 The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus

In de reeks Batman

INT *4 Deluxe Edition Book 4
B47 The Gift, Finale
INT B7 The Wedding
INT B*4 Deluxe Edition Book 4

In de reeks Superman

497 Doomsday, Part 4
476 Time and Time Again!, Phase 1: The Linear Man!
478 Moon Rocked
479 Red Glass, Part 2: Falling Apart
489 Panic in the Sky, Epilogue: Hail the Conquering Heroes
A73 Time Ryders
A74 Doomsday, Part 3: Countdown to Doomsday!
A124 A Hard Day's Night!