Cyrus Gold/Solomon Grundy

In de reeks Starman

A10 The Day Before the Day to Come
A12 Sins of the Child, Part 1: Jack's Day (The First Half)
A13 Sins of the Child, Part 2: Ted's Day
A15 Sins of the Child, Part 4: Mikaal's Day
A16 Sins of the Child, Part 5: Jack's Day (the Second Half)
A17 Encounters
A32 Infernal Devices, Part 3
A33 With Some Help from His Friends
A34 Merry Pranksters
A48 Stars My Destination, Part 1: Starman Blues
A49 Fighting With Grundy; Talking With David '99
A62 Grand Guignol, Premiere Partie: ... And What Went Before
A63 Grand Guignol, Deuxieme Partie: Friends and Lovers
A64 Grand Guignol, Troisieme Partie: Fighting With Evil; Talking With David
A65 Grand Guignol, Quatrieme Partie: Darkness Not of Night
A66 Grand Guignol, Cinquieme Partie: A Villain's Tale
A67 Grand Guignol, Sixieme Partie: Rules of Engagement
A68 Grand Guignol, Sixieme Partie: Rules of Engagement
A69 Grand Guignol, Neuvieme Partie: Heroes Reborn, Renewed...and Remembered
A70 Grand Guignol, Dixieme Partie: The Devil's in the Details
A71 Grand Guignol, Onzieme Partie: Evils Old, New and Unexpected
INT A2 Night and Day
INT A3 A Wicked Inclination...
INT A5 Infernal Devices
INT A6 To Reach The Stars
INT A7 A Starry Knight
INT A9 Grand Guignol
INT A A1 The Starman Omnibus, Volume 1
INT A A2 The Starman Omnibus, Volume 2
INT A A3 The Starman Omnibus, Volume 3
INT A A5 The Starman Omnibus, Volume 5
INT A A6 The Starman Omnibus, Volume 6

In de reeks Superman: Camelot Falls

1 Camelot Falls

In de reeks Absolute Batman: Haunted Knight

1 Absolute Batman: Haunted Knight

In de reeks Secret Six

A4 Six Degrees of Devastation, Part 4: Spiders on the Wind

In de reeks JSA: All Stars

1 Legacy
INT 1 JSA: All Stars

In de reeks Suicide Squad

A10 Time Passages

In de reeks Booster Gold

A13 Stars in Your Eyes, Part 1
A14 Stars in Your Eyes, Part 2

In de reeks JSA

29 Kids
33 Stealing Thunder, Part 1: Wish Fulfillment
65 Out of Time, Part 1
INT 4 Fair Play
INT 5 Stealing Thunder
INT 9 Lost

In de reeks Green Arrow

B17 The Archer's Quest, Part 2: The Grays of Shade
B18 The Archer's Quest, Part 3: Grundy No Like Arrows in Face!
B53 Family Relations
INT B3 The Archer's Quest

In de reeks Batman

B19 I Am Bane, Part 4
INT B3 I Am Bane
INT B*2 Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 2

In de reeks DC Comics - Le meilleur des super-héros

85 Deadshot & Les Secret Six: Six degrés de dévastation

In de reeks Superman

301 Issue #301
319 Issue #319
320 Issue #320
321 Issue #321
676 Memorial Day
A160 Superman: Arkham, Part 1: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World!
A182 The Secret, Part 1: Dead Me

In de reeks Detective Comics

B996 Mythology: See Paris and Die!
B1003 Medieval, Part 3
INT B10 Batman - Detective Comics: Mythology

In de reeks Superman Red and Blue

4 Issue #4
INT 1 Superman Red and Blue

In de reeks Batman/Superman

A15 Snow Fight
INT A2 World's Deadliest

In de reeks Superman and the Authority

3 Grimdark!
INT 1 Superman and the Authority