Geo-Force/Brion Markov

In de reeks Batman and the Outsiders

A5 Ghosts
A6 Ghost Star
A7 The Snare
A9 The Uninvited
A11 Outsiders No More, Part 1
A12 Outsiders No More, Part 2
INT A1 The Chrysalis
INT A2 The Snare

In de reeks Batgirl

B2 Batgirl Rising: Point of New Origin, Part 2
INT B1 Batgirl Rising

In de reeks JLA: Another Nail

1 Issue #1
3 Issue #3
INT 1 Another Nail

In de reeks Birds of Prey

70 Between Dark and Dawn, Part 2: Huntress/Prey
72 Between Dark and Dawn, Part 4: Material Girl
73 Between Dark and Dawn, Part 5: Blood and Circuits
INT 5 Between Dark & Dawn

In de reeks Deathstroke

49 All the Kings Men
50 Revelations

In de reeks Eradicator

1 Pinocchio: Prince of Lies

In de reeks Booster Gold

A1 52 Pick-Up, Part 1: Secret Origins
INT A1 52 Pick-up

In de reeks JSA

33 Stealing Thunder, Part 1: Wish Fulfillment
34 Stealing Thunder, Part 2: Troublestruck
35 Stealing Thunder, Part 3: Lightning Storm
37 Stealing Thunder, Part 5: Crossing Over
INT 5 Stealing Thunder

In de reeks War of the Gods

1 Hellfire's Web
2 The Holy Wars

In de reeks Green Arrow/Black Canary

4 Dead Again, Part 4: Please Play Where Daddy Can See You

In de reeks Superman

564 Visions of Death