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Lucifer Morningstar

In de reeks Sandman Presents: Lucifer

1 The Morningstar Option, Part 1
2 The Morningstar Option, Part 2
3 The Morningstar Option, Part 3

In de reeks The Sandman (Gaiman)

4 A Hope in Hell
22 Season of Mists, Chapter 1
23 Season of Mists, Chapter 2
28 Season of Mists, Epilogue
57 The Kindly Ones, Part 1
60 The Kindly Ones, Part 4
64 The Kindly Ones, Part 8
68 The Kindly Ones, Part 12
69 The Kindly Ones, Part 13

In de reeks Vertigo: First Offenses

1 Vertigo: First Offenses

In de reeks Purgatori (Dynamite Entertainment)

5 Hell and Back, Part 5

In de reeks Spawn

259 The Satan Saga Wars, Part 1
262 The Satan Saga Wars, Part 4

In de reeks Hellblazer (Vertigo)

INT 20 Staring at the Wall

In de reeks The Demon

B0 Zero Hour
B2 Into the Abyss
B5 The Scheme of Things
B6 Song of the Demon
B19 The Region Beyond, Part 4: Beyond Love Story
B50 The Shanty of Captain Scumm
INT B2 The Longest Day

In de reeks Lucas Stand

1 Issue #1
INT 1 Lucas Stand

In de reeks The Sandman Universe

1 The Sandman Universe

In de reeks The Sandman (Lion)

1 Boek 1
4 Boek 4
9 Boek negen

In de reeks Lucifer (Vertigo)

1 A Six-Card Spread, Part 1
2 A Six Card Spread, Part 2
3 A Six Card Spread, Part 3
5 The House of Windowless Rooms, Part 1
6 The House of Windowless Rooms, Part 2
7 The House of Windowless Rooms, Part 3
8 The House of Windowless Rooms, Part 4
21 Paradiso, Part 1
22 Paradiso, Part 2
23 Paradiso, Part 3
24 The Writing on the Wall
25 Purgatorio, Part 1
26 Purgatorio, Part 2
27 Purgatorio, Part 3
29 Inferno, Part 1
30 Inferno, Part 2
31 Inferno, Part 3
32 Inferno, Part 4
34 Come to Judgment, Part 1
35 Come to Judgment, Part 2
36 Naglfar, Part 1: The Muster
37 Naglfar, Part 2: The Voyage Out
38 Naglfar, Part 3: The Wrack
39 Naglfar, Part 4: The Deep
40 Naglfar, Conclusion: Full Fathom Five
41 Sisters of Mercy
42 Brothers In Arms
43 Issue #43
44 Issue #44
46 Stitchglass Slide I: The Weaving
49 Wire, Briar, Limber Lock II: The Widow
INT 1 Devil in the Gateway
INT 2 Children and Monsters
INT 4 The Devine Comedy
INT 5 Inferno
INT 6 Mansions of the Silence
INT 7 Exodus
A1 Cold Heaven, Part 1: Prodigal Sons
A2 Cold Heaven, Part 2: Lady Lucifer
A3 Cold Heaven, Part 3: Mother of All
A4 Cold Heaven, Part 4: Hosts
A5 Cold Heaven, Part 5: Son of Mystery
A7 Father Lucifer, Part 1: Practicing to Decieve
A8 Father Lucifer, Part 2: The Not-So-Fortunate Fall
A9 Father Lucifer, Part 3: Prodigal Sons
A10 Father Lucifer, Part 4: World Unchained
A11 Father Lucifer, Part 5: Omniscient Narration
A12 Father Lucifer, Part 6: Endgame
A14 Blood in the Streets, Part 1: Happy New Year
A15 Blood in the Streets, Part 2: Little Girls Lost
A16 Blood in the Streets, Part 3: Road Tripping
A17 Blood in the Streets, Part 4: Death & Deception
A18 Blood in the Streets, Part 5: Forms of Fire
A19 Blood in the Streets, Conclusion: An End, A Beginning
INT A1 Cold Heaven
INT A2 Father Lucifer
INT A3 Blood in the Streets
B1 The Fall from Grace and Down the Stairs
B2 Of Red Death and Ginger Tomcats
B4 The Peculiar Case of the Man On the Bathroom Floor
B5 The Man Who Bested the Devil Not Once But Twice
B6 A Long-Awaited Comeuppance
B7 A Slight Detour to Hell
B8 A Fine Day for a Black Mass
B9 The Gastronomy Lesson
B10 The Problem With Old Blood Magic
INT B1 The Infernal Comedy

In de reeks The Books of Magic

INT B1 Moveable Type