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Mr. Miracle/Scott Free

In de reeks The Sandman (Gaiman)

5 Passengers

In de reeks JLA (Panini comics - Frans)

3 Mesures extrĂªmes

In de reeks Starman

A75 Sons and their Fathers
INT A10 Sons of the Father
INT A A6 The Starman Omnibus, Volume 6

In de reeks The Sandman (Lion)

1 Boek 1

In de reeks Superman: De oogst

1 Superman: De oogst

In de reeks Action Comics

802 The Harvest, Part 1

In de reeks JLA: Another Nail

1 Issue #1
2 Issue #2
INT 1 Another Nail

In de reeks Birds of Prey

109 Stone Cold Knockout
INT 11 Club Kids

In de reeks Secret Six

B8 Double Date
INT B2 Depths

In de reeks Doctor Fate

3 Strangers

In de reeks Justice League International

13 Collision Course

In de reeks Suicide Squad

13 Battle Lines
INT 2 The Nightshade Odyssey
A6 Thou Shalt Not...

In de reeks Booster Gold

22 Tortured Options
A1 52 Pick-Up, Part 1: Secret Origins
A6 52 Pick-Up, Part 6: Meet the Beetles
A10 Blue & Gold, Part 5: Mindgames
A26 Dead Ted, Part 1
A34 Deja Blue [and Gold!]
A35 Destiny! Destiny! No Escaping That For Me!
A36 This Man... This Chipmunk!
A40 The Life and Times of Michael Jon Carter
INT A1 52 Pick-up
INT A2 Blue and Gold
INT A5 The Tomorrow Memory
INT A6 Past Imperfect

In de reeks JSA

67 The Autopsy
INT 9 Lost

In de reeks Blood of the Demon

10 New Gods and Old Monsters

In de reeks The Fury of Firestorm

63 Rogue Hero
64 Through the Gauntlet

In de reeks Firestorm, The Nuclear Man

67 Dialogues
69 Back In the USSR
71 Hammer and Tong
AN5 Ground Zero

In de reeks War of the Gods

4 In The Beginning... There Was the End

In de reeks Superman

488 Panic in the Sky, Part 3: Counter Strike!

In de reeks Superman: Panic in the Sky!

1 Superman: Panic in the Sky!