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Count Vertigo/Werner Vertigo

In de reeks Batman

647 Franchise, Part 2: The Away Team
INT A2 Under the Red Hood

In de reeks Batman: Under the Red Hood

2 Boek 2

In de reeks Catwoman (DC)

B74 Crime Pays, Part 3
B78 The Long Road Home, Part 1
INT B8 Crime Pays
INT B9 The Long Road Home

In de reeks Secret Origins

B4 Issue #4

In de reeks Secret Six

B17 Danse Macabre, Part 2
B18 Danse Macabre, Part 3
INT B3 Danse Macabre

In de reeks Suicide Squad

24 Slings and Arrows
25 Sea of Troubles
27 Scattermove
28 Death Game
31 Acts of Contrition
32 Steel Trap
33 Into the Angry Planet
34 Armagetto
35 That Hideous Strength
36 In Final Battle
37 Threads
40 The Phoenix Gambit, Part 1: Ashes
41 The Phoenix Gambit, Part 2: Embers
42 The Phoenix Gambit, Part 3: Firefight
43 The Phoenix Gambit, Part 4: Black Queen's Mate
46 Choice of Evils
48 In Control
51 Fractured Image
54 The Dragon's Hoard, Part 2: Divine Wind
55 The Dragon's Hoard, Part 3: Dead Man's Hand
56 The Dragon's Hoard, Part 4: Dragon's Teeth
57 The Dragon's Hoard, Part 5: Dragon's Blood
58 Suicide Attack!
59 Legerdemain, Part 1: Forges in Motion
61 Legerdemain, Part 3: Snafu
62 Legerdemain, Part 4: Number the Dead
63 True Minds
65 Run Through the Jungle!
67 Danse Macabre, Part 1
INT 3 Rogues

In de reeks Suicide Squad: Raise the Flag

4 A Murder of Crows
5 Scarlet Tears
6 False Start
7 Carnage
8 Bring Out Your Dead
INT 1 From the Ashes

In de reeks JSA

9 Black Planet
10 Wild Hunt
16 Injustice Be Done, Part 1: Divide and Conquer
INT 2 Darkness Falls
INT 3 The Return of Hawkman

In de reeks Checkmate

A14 Checkout, Part 3
A15 Checkout, Part 5
A18 Fall of the Wall, Part 1
A20 Fall of the Wall, Conclusion

In de reeks Firestorm

A13 High School Confidential

In de reeks War of the Gods

3 Casualties of War
4 In The Beginning... There Was the End

In de reeks Hawk and Dove

B3 Hellhound on My Trail
B4 Road Rules
B5 Homecoming

In de reeks Green Arrow/Black Canary

18 Enemies List, Part 3: Straight to my Lover's Heart
22 Enemies List, Part 7: Peace and Quiet
INT 5 Big Game

In de reeks Green Arrow

B22 The Vertigo Treatment
D22 Shados, Part 1
D23 Shados, Part 2
D23.1 Momma's Boy
D24 Dissonance
D30 The Outsiders War, Part 5: Family
D31 The Outsiders War, Part 6: Spoils of War
D32 Broken, Part 1
D33 Broken, Part 2
D34 Broken, Conclusion: Fixed
D36 Kingdom, Part 2: Mia
D37 Kingdom, Part 3: Subjects
INT D5 The Outsiders War
INT D6 Broken
INT D7 Kingdom
E20 The Return of Roy Harper, Conclusion: Vertigo