Strix/Mary Turner

In de reeks Batgirl

C29 A Conspiracy of Bats
C34 Deadline, Part 3: Crash and Burn
INT C5 Deadline

In de reeks Talon

9 Uneasy

In de reeks Birds of Prey

B16 Lights Out
B17 Heartstopper!
B18 Burning Cold
B19 A Cold Day in Hell
B20 The Cruelest Cut
B21 Talon vs. Talon
B22 Operation Kaizen
B23 Dreams That Never Were
B24 Together Again
B25 Sunrise
B26 Torn apart
B27 Loose Ends
B28 The Wings of Truth
B29 The Eve of Battle
B30 Soul Crisis
B31 Death Jump!
B32 Expectations
B33 Pretty Lies and Ugly Truths
B34 Things Fall Apart
INT B3 A Clash of Daggers
INT B4 The Cruelest Cut
INT B5 Soul Crisis

In de reeks Secret Six

C2 Down the Rabbit Hole
C3 The Nine Levels of Suburbia
C4 Friends In Low Places
C5 Block Party
C6 Whippings and Apologies
C7 There's Something at the Door, Darling
C8 House of Strangers, Part 2: Atlantis Confides
C9 The White Gate, the Black Sun
C10 Watch a Yellow Sun Fade
C11 The Gauntlet, Part 1: Head of the Class
C12 The Violence in Silence
C13 Silent Running
C14 Everyone Says Goodbye, Sometimes
INT C1 Friends in Low Places