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Poison Ivy/Pamela Lillian Isley

In de reeks Batman: Face the Face

1 Batman: Face the Face

In de reeks Batman: Hush

1 Batman: Hush

In de reeks Batman: The Dark Knight

A7 The Final Curtain

In de reeks Batman: Knightfall

A1 Knightfall

In de reeks Tales of the Batman - Gene Colan

1 Volume 1

In de reeks Batman: Bruce Wayne - The Road Home

1 Bruce Wayne: The Road Home

In de reeks Batman: Night of the Owls

1 Batman: Night of the Owls

In de reeks Batman: The Widening Gyre

1 Turning and Turning
INT 1 Batman: The Widening Gyre

In de reeks Detective Comics

A15 The Dirt Nap
A27 Issue #27
A28 Gothtopia, Part 2: The Maddening Crowd
A29 Gothtopia, Part 3: The Truth and Nothing But

In de reeks Batman: No Man's Land

INT 3 Volume 3
INT 5 Volume 5
INT A2 Volume 2
INT A4 Volume 4

In de reeks Batgirl

52 The City Is a Jungle
INT C5 Deadline
C AN2 When Pamela Gets Blue

In de reeks Batman & Robin (Lion)

3 Dood van de familie

In de reeks Batman - Detective Comics (Lion)

3 Keizer Penguin

In de reeks Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight

126 No Man's Land: Endgame, Part 1: Silent Night
199 Blaze of Glory: The Fire

In de reeks Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special

3 Ghosts

In de reeks Absolute Batman: Haunted Knight

1 Absolute Batman: Haunted Knight

In de reeks The Batman of Arkham

1 The Batman of Arkham

In de reeks Batman: Two Faces

1 Two Faces

In de reeks JLA: Another Nail

2 Issue #2
INT 1 Another Nail

In de reeks The Batman Chronicles

9 Issue #9

In de reeks Birds of Prey: Black Canary/Batgirl

1 Black Canary/Batgirl

In de reeks Birds of Prey: Catwoman/Oracle

2 Birds of Prey: Catwoman/Oracle

In de reeks Birds of Prey

37 Red, Black and Blue
40 Bruce Wayne: Murderer?, Part 12: Switchback
INT 2 Old Friends, New Enemies
INT A1 Birds of Prey
B2 Trouble in Mind
B3 You Might Think
B4 Absolutely Mental
B5 Chokepoint
B6 Clean Getaway
B7 Brain Damage
B9 Gangland Style
B10 Heat Seekers
B11 Tangled Up Inside
B12 Heartbreak and Vine
B28 The Wings of Truth
INT B1 Trouble In Mind
INT B2 Your Kiss Might Kill
INT B5 Soul Crisis

In de reeks Batman: Haunted Knight (Lion)

1 Batman: Haunted Knight

In de reeks JLA: Liberty and Justice

1 Liberty and Justice

In de reeks Arkham Asylum: Living Hell

1 Whole in the Head
3 Cracked Up
4 Tic Toc
5 Patterns
6 Rhyme & Reason

In de reeks Arkham Asylum: Madness

1 Arkham Asylum: Madness

In de reeks Batman: Contagion

1 Batman: Contagion
INT 1A Batman: Contagion

In de reeks Batman: Arkham Reborn

INT 1 Batman: Arkham Reborn

In de reeks Catwoman (DC)

A72 No Man's Land: The Mission
A89 Always Leave 'Em Laughing
B71 Mother's Day, Part 1
B83 Night and the City
INT B7 Catwoman Dies
C49 Run Like Hell, Part Three
C50 Run Like Hell, Part Four
C51 Faceless, Part One

In de reeks Suicide Squad

33 Into the Angry Planet
34 Armagetto
35 That Hideous Strength
37 Threads
39 Dead Issue
40 The Phoenix Gambit, Part 1: Ashes
41 The Phoenix Gambit, Part 2: Embers
42 The Phoenix Gambit, Part 3: Firefight
43 The Phoenix Gambit, Part 4: Black Queen's Mate
46 Choice of Evils
47 Choice of Dooms
58 Suicide Attack!
59 Legerdemain, Part 1: Forges in Motion
64 Nasty as They Want to Be!
66 And Be a Villain!

In de reeks Dark Night: A True Batman Story

1 Dark Night: A True Batman Story

In de reeks Booster Gold

A11 Vicious Cycle, Part 1
INT A3 Reality Lost

In de reeks Batman Noir: The Killing Joke

1 Batman Noir: The Killing Joke

In de reeks Batman: Gotham Knights

14 Sibling Rivalry
15 Far From the Tree
21 Retribution, Part 2: Contested
60 The Games People Play
61 Human Nature, Part 1
63 Human Nature, Part 3
64 Human Nature, Part 4
65 Human Nature, Part 5

In de reeks Robin (DC Comics)

INT 1 A Hero Reborn
A23 Underworld Unleashed: Buggin
A85 Fool's Errand
A AN4 The Flying Graysons

In de reeks Robin - Bundelingen (DC Comics)

1 Reborn

In de reeks War of the Gods

3 Casualties of War

In de reeks Green Arrow

B5 Quiver, Chapter 5: The Anatomy Lesson
INT B1 Quiver
INT B A1 Green Arrow by Kevin Smith
C8 Exorcising the Demons
C9 Demon Seed
INT C2 Salvation

In de reeks All Star Batman

7 Ends of the Earth, Part 2

In de reeks DC Comics - Le meilleur des super-héros

1 Batman: Silence, 1re partie
45 Batman: Les patients d'Arkham

In de reeks Batman: The Dark Knight Unwrapped

1 Batman: The Dark Knight Unwrapped

In de reeks Batman: Road to No Man's Land

2 Volume Two

In de reeks Batman

181 Beware of... Poison Ivy!
183 A Touch of Poison Ivy!
291 Where Were You on the Night Batman Was Killed?
292 The Testimony of the Riddler!
293 The Testimony of Luthor!
294 Testimony of the Joker
344 Monster My Sweet!
456 Identity Crisis, Part 2: Without Fear of Consequence...
491 The Freedom of Madness!
495 Knightfall, Part 7: Strange Bedfellows
497 Knightfall, Part 11: The Broken Bat
529 Contagion, Part 6: Tears of Blood
561 Bruce Wayne Goes To Washington, Part 2: The Witness
562 Bruce Wayne Goes to Washington, Part 3: The Devil His Due!
568 Fruit of the Earth, Part 2
608 Hush, Chapter 1: The Ransom
609 Hush, Chapter 2: The Friend
611 Hush, Chapter 4: The City
612 Hush, Chapter 5: The Battle
651 Face the Face, Part 2
INT 5 Hush, Volume 1
B29 The War of Jokes & Riddles, Part 4
B41 Everyone Loves Ivy, Part 1
B42 Everyone Loves Ivy, Part 2
B43 Everyone Loves Ivy, Part 3
INT B4 The War of Jokes and Riddles
INT B6 Bride or Burglar?
B AN1 Annual 1
INT B*2 Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 2
INT B*3 Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 3

In de reeks Batman: Prelude to Knightfall

1 Batman: Prelude to Knightfall

In de reeks Batman by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones

1 Volume 1

In de reeks Batman: Knightfall - 25th Anniversary Edition

1 Volume 1

In de reeks All-Star Batman - Rebirth (Lion)

2 Uithoeken der aarde

In de reeks DC Comics - La légende de Batman

9 Terreurs nocturnes
22 Passé, présent, futur
24 Knightfall, 1ère partie
25 Knightfall, 2ème partie
53 Empereur Pingouin, 1ère partie
58 Un deuil dans la famille
67 No man's land, 2ème partie
68 No man's land, 3 ème partie

In de reeks Batman: The Caped Crusader

4 Volume 4