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Jason Blood/Etrigan (Demon)

In de reeks The Books of Magic

2 The Shadow World
INT 1 The Books of Magic

In de reeks Animal Man

23 Crisis

In de reeks The Sandman (Gaiman)

4 A Hope in Hell

In de reeks Batman: The Widening Gyre

1 Turning and Turning

In de reeks Starman

A24 Sand and Stars: An Epilogue / Hell and Back: A Prologue
A42 1944: Science and Sorcery
A66 Grand Guignol, Cinquieme Partie: A Villain's Tale
A68 Grand Guignol, Sixieme Partie: Rules of Engagement
INT A3 A Wicked Inclination...
INT A9 Grand Guignol
INT A A2 The Starman Omnibus, Volume 2
INT A A4 The Starman Omnibus, Volume 4
INT A A6 The Starman Omnibus, Volume 6

In de reeks Batman

544 Major Arcana, Part 1: Jokin' with Mister D.
639 Family Reunion, Part 1: The Word on the Street
INT A2 Under the Red Hood

In de reeks The Sandman (Lion)

1 Boek 1

In de reeks Batman: Under the Red Hood

1 Boek 1

In de reeks JLA: Another Nail

2 Issue #2
3 Issue #3
INT 1 Another Nail

In de reeks Superman and Batman vs. Vampires and Werewolves

3 An Unspeakable Horror!
4 A Demon's Touch!
5 Dead Of Night
6 Fear the Night
INT 1 Superman and Batman vs. Vampires and Werewolves

In de reeks Batman: Gotham Knights

33 Tabula Rasa Prologue: "The Devil You Know ...

In de reeks Secret Six

B31 The Darkest House, Part 1: In Every Dream a Nightmare
B32 The Darkest House, Part 2
B33 The Darkest House, Part 3: The Infernal Finale
INT B6 The Darkest House

In de reeks Arkham Asylum: Living Hell

3 Cracked Up
4 Tic Toc
5 Patterns
6 Rhyme & Reason

In de reeks The Demon: Driven Out

1 Verse I: New Blood
2 Verse II: Devil Inside
3 Verse III: Unbound
4 Verse IV: A Primer On the Herding of Demons
5 Verse V: Memories
6 Verse VI: Signs of Things to Come

In de reeks The Demon

1 Unleash The One Who Waits
2 My Tomb in Castle Branek
3 Reincarnators
4 The Creature From The Beyond
5 Merlin's Word... Demon's Wrath
6 The Howler
7 A Witchboy
8 Phantom of the Sewers
9 Whatever Happened To Farley Fairfax?
10 The Thing That Screams
11 Baron Von Evilstein
12 Rebirth of Evil
13 The Night of the Demon
14 Witchboy
15 The One Who Vanished
16 Immortal Enemy!
INT 1 Jack Kirby's The Demon
A1 Direction from the Darkness
A2 Descension from Below
A3 So Made He in His Likeness
A4 Begins Our Tale of Woe
INT A1 The Demon: From the Darkness
B0 Zero Hour
B1 Lost Souls
B2 Into the Abyss
B3 Sins of the Fathers
B4 In Loving Memory
B5 The Scheme of Things
B6 Song of the Demon
B7 Demon King
B8 Home is the Hero
B9 Apocolypse Now!, Part 1: Signs and Portents
B10 Apocolypse Now!, Part 2: Secret Origins
B11 Apocolypse Now!, Part 3: Stranger than Fiction
B12 Apocolypse Now!, Part 4: Behold a Pale Rider
B13 Apocolypse Now!, Part 5: Brothers in Arms
B14 Apocolypse Now!, Part 6: The End is Nigh(ish)
B15 Apocolypse Now!, Part 7:Boom
B16 The Region Beyond, Part 1: Beyond the Pale
B17 The Region Beyond, Part 2: Beyond Redemption
B18 The Region Beyond, Part 3: Brother Beyond
B19 The Region Beyond, Part 4: Beyond Love Story
B20 The Region Beyond, Part 5: Beyond Virtue
B21 Labyrinth
B22 Witch War
B23 The Return of the Howler! Part 1: Buddies
B24 The Return of the Howler! Part 2: His Keeper's Brother
B25 From Here to Eternity
B26 Political Asylum! Part 1: Damage Control
B27 Political Asylum!, Part 2: Etrigan, He's Our Man
B28 Political Asylum! Part 3: Spin Control
B29 Political Asylum! Part 4: Out of Control
B30 It Happened One Night
B31 The Eternity Quest, Part 1
B32 The Eternity Quest, Part 2: The Garbage Man!
B33 The Eternity Quest, Part 3: The Fraggin'-A Team
B34 The Eternity Quest, Part 4: Big Fights in Hell
B35 The Eternity Quest, Part 5: Don't Mess with the Four Dudes
B36 The Eternity Quest, Part 6: A Funny Thing Happened
B37 The Eternity Quest, Part 7: Angel Falls
B38 The Eternity Quest, Part 8: Anyone Who Had a Heart
B39 The Eternity Quest, Part 9: Funeral for a Fiend
B40 The Wild One
B41 Castle of the Damned
B42 Hell's Hitman, Part 1: Fall and Rise
B43 Hell's Hitman, Part 2: Cry Havoc
B44 Hell's Hitman, Part 3: A Night on the Town
B45 Hell's Hitman, Finale: King of Hate
B46 Haunted Glory, Part 1
B47 Haunted Glory, Part 2
B48 Haunted Glory, Part 3
B49 From Hell
B50 The Shanty of Captain Scumm
B51 Sons & Lovers
B52 Suffer the Children, Part 1
B53 Suffer the Children, Part 2
B54 Suffer the Children, Part 3
B55 The Longest Day, Part 1
B56 The Longest Day, Part 2
B57 The Longest Day, Part 3
B58 The Longest Day, Part 4
INT B1 Hell's Hitman
INT B2 The Longest Day
B AN2 Hitman

In de reeks Blood of the Demon

1 Born Again
2 Hunters
3 Friends and Enemies
4 Masks
5 Today We Choose Faces
6 The Gathering Storm
7 Cages of the Mind
8 Mind Games
9 Tortured Souls
10 New Gods and Old Monsters
11 Angels & Devils
12 Wrath Of The Lamb
13 Demon Quest
14 This Painful Existence
15 Lost & Found
16 Pandemonium
17 The End

In de reeks Detective Comics

485 The Vengeance Vow!

In de reeks Green Arrow

B5 Quiver, Chapter 5: The Anatomy Lesson
B6 Quiver, Chapter 6: The Hollow Man
B8 Quiver, Chapter 8: When Ollie Met Ollie...
B9 Quiver, Chapter 9: Stanley and his Monster
B37 City Walls, Part 4: The Devil Inside
INT B1 Quiver
INT B5 City Walls
INT B A1 Green Arrow by Kevin Smith
C8 Exorcising the Demons
C9 Demon Seed
C10 The Valley of the Shadow of Death
INT C2 Salvation

In de reeks DC Comics - Le meilleur des super-héros

45 Batman: Les patients d'Arkham

In de reeks Batman by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones

2 Volume 2

In de reeks Superman

A55 Time and Time Again, Phase 6: Camelot