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Scenario Rumiko Takahashi
Tekeningen Rumiko Takahashi
Cover Rumiko Takahashi
Lettering Wayne Truman
Vertaling Matt Thorn
Editor Megan Bates
Uitgever(s) Viz Media
Collectie Viz Graphic Novel
Jaar 2004
Pagina's 176
ISBN 1591164834
Kaft Softcover
Taal Engels


Eating the flesh of a mermaid grants eternal life. But living forever can be a blessing or a curse. Immortal lovers Yuta and Mana are relatively lucky... others who partake of the mermaid's flesh are transformed into savage lost souls!

Yuta encounters two young immortals - each with very different dreams for their future.... One, he must fight. The other, he fights to save.

Mermaid Saga 3 contains three of Rumiko Takahashi's uniquely macabre tales: part one and two of Mermaid's Scar and The Ash Princess.

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