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From the back pages of Hate Comics (and elsewhere).
Featuring over 100 pages of previously uncollected Peter Bagge comics and collaborations including ...
- The complete "Lovey" stories from the pages of "Hate Annual"!
- The complete "Shut-Ins" series. Now in full color!
- The legendary Kool-Aid man exposé "The Hasty Smear of my Smile...", written by alan Moore!
- "Dildobert Joins Al-Qaeda" (art by Johnny Ryan) and "Caffy" (art by R. Crumb)!
- "Shamrock Squid, Autobiographical Cartoonist" (art by Adrian Tomine)!
- Collaborations with Daniel Clowes, Los Bros. Hernandez, Dana Gould and Alice Cooper!
- Plus Dick Cheney, Brian Wilson, His dad Murry, Belgians, Harvey Kurtzman, Dmitri Mendeleyev, Taqi Al-Din, Little Richard, Major Walter Reed, Frank Sinatra, AC/DC, and much, much more!

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