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Marcus To

Reeks + Strip Rang / Score
Batman: Night of the Owls 1 Batman: Night of the Owls 9.00
Huntress B1 Crossbow at the Crossroads 8.00
Huntress B2 Crossbow at the Crossroads, Part 2 8.00
Huntress B3 Crossbow at the Crossroads, Part 3 8.00
Huntress B4 Crossbow at the Crossroads, Part 4 8.00
Huntress B5 Crossbow at the Crossroads, Part 5 8.00
Huntress B6 Crossbow at the Crossroads, Part 6 8.00
Red Robin INT 2 Collision 8.00
Age of X-Man: NextGen 1 Issue #1
Age of X-Man: NextGen 2 Issue #2
Age of X-Man: NextGen 3 Issue #3
Age of X-Man: NextGen 4 Issue #4
Age of X-Man: NextGen 5 Issue #5
Age of X-Man: NextGen INT 1 Age of X-Man: NextGen
All-New Marvel Now! Previews 2 Issue #2
The Authority C20 Disorder
Batwing 0 They Will Pay for What They've Given Birth To
Batwing 9 You Have Been Judged Unworthy
Batwing 10 Fight or Flight
Batwing 11 I See All of It Now
Batwing 12 I Am One With This Land
Batwing 13 A Hard Turn
Batwing 14 The Nightmares Never Stop
Batwing 15 Lost and Found
Batwing INT 2 In the Shadow of the Ancients
Batwing INT 3 Enemy of the State
Black Panther C24 War Crimes, Part 2
DC Comics - Le meilleur des super-héros 43 Flash: La révolte des Lascars
DC Comics - Le meilleur des super-héros 46 Flash: Gare au gorille
Drax 8 Issue #8
Executive Assistant Iris 3 Woman from Tokyo
Executive Assistant: Assassins 3 Life After Death, Part 3
Fathom 3 Blue Sun, Part 3
The Flash C10 Weather Wizard
The Flash C11 Slow Burn
The Flash C AN1 Annual: United They Fall
Hacktivist 1 Issue #1
Hacktivist 2 Issue #2
Hacktivist 3 Issue #3
Hacktivist 4 Issue #4
Hacktivist INT 1 Hacktivist
Hacktivist Volume 2 1 Issue #1
Hacktivist Volume 2 2 Issue #2
Hacktivist Volume 2 3 Issue #3
Hacktivist Volume 2 4 Issue #4
Hacktivist Volume 2 5 Issue #5
Hacktivist Volume 2 6 Issue #6
Hacktivist Volume 2 INT 2 Hacktivist Volume 2
Joyride 1 Grand Theft Starship
Joyride 2 Don't Look Back
Joyride 3 Stuck in Space
Joyride 4 What I Am Is Free
Joyride 5 The Kissing Planet
Joyride 6 How It Works
Joyride 7 The God Party
Joyride 8 And the Void Stares Back
Joyride 9 Born in a Thunderstorm
Joyride 10 Dewydd the Wander
Joyride 11 Touch the Sky
Joyride 12 Shoot the Moon
Joyride INT 1 Volume 1
Joyride INT 2 Teenage Spaceland
Joyride INT 3 Volume 3
Joyride (Glenat) 1 Joyride
Mech Cadet Yu 2 Issue #2
Mech Cadet Yu 3 Issue #3
Mech Cadet Yu 4 Issue #4
Mech Cadet Yu 5 Issue #5
Mech Cadet Yu 7 Issue #7
Mech Cadet Yu 8 Issue #8
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom) *AN3 Annual 2018
The New Avengers C8 Of Course, You Realize...
The New Avengers C9 Up From the Depths
The New Avengers C10 Everybody Dance Now
The New Warriors D1 New Warriors
The New Warriors D2 The High Evolutionary is Back and He's Attacking People With Powers
The New Warriors D3 The High Evolutionary Has Kidnapped Nova and the Celestials are Returning to Judge Humanity
The New Warriors D4 The High Evolutionary Wants to Save Humanity From the Celestials …By Purifying the Gene Pool and Attacking People With Powers
The New Warriors D7 The Inhumans Paid Haechi A Visit - And now his whole family is in danger.
The New Warriors D8 Haechi Has Been Kidnapped ...and it's up to the New Warriors to get him back.
The New Warriors D10 Always and Forever, Part 1
The New Warriors D11 The Eternals and The New Warriors Threw Down. Mr. Whiskers Had To Sacrifice Himself -- The Warriors Are Down, But Not Out.
The New Warriors D12 The Eternals Pummeled the New Warriors. And Justice was punched to the far side of the world.
The New Warriors INT D1 The Kids Are All Fight
The New Warriors INT D2 Always And Forever
Red Robin 1 7 Days of Death
Red Robin 6 Council of Spiders, Part Two
Red Robin 7 Council of Spiders, Part Three
Red Robin 8 Council of Spiders, Part Four
Red Robin 9 Collision, Part One
Red Robin 10 Collision, Part Two
Red Robin 11 Collision, Part Three
Red Robin 12 Collision, The Conclusion
Red Robin 13 The Hit List, Part One: The Domino Effect
Red Robin 14 The Hit List, Part Two: The Devil You Know
Red Robin 15 The Hit List, Part Three: Secret Identity Crisis
Red Robin 16 The Hit List, Part Four: The Best-Laid Plans
Red Robin 17 The Hit List, Epilogue: Back to Front
Red Robin 18 The Rabbithole, Part 1: Broken Promises
Red Robin 19 The Rabbithole, Part 2: Caught in the Undertow
Red Robin 20 The Rabbithole, Interlude: On the Shoulders of Titans
Red Robin 21 The Rabbithole, Part 3: Sinsanity
Red Robin 23 7 Days of Death, Part 1: Little Triggers
Red Robin 24 7 Days of Death, Part 2: It's Not Paranoia...
Red Robin 25 7 Days of Death, Part 3: The Bigger Picture
Red Robin 26 What Goes Around...
Red Robin INT 3 Hit List
Red Robin INT 4 7 Days Of Death
Saban's Go Go Power Rangers 1 Issue #1
Shadowman (Valiant) A11 Hallow Tides And Hollow Heads
Soulfire A0 Freefalling
Soulfire A1 Buzzkill
Soulfire B1 Seeds of Darkness
X-Men Blue 27 Cry Havok, Part 5
X-Men Blue 28 Cry Havok, Part 6
X-Men Blue 33 Surviving the Experience, Part 1
X-Men Blue 34 Surviving the Experience, Part 2
X-Men Blue 35 Surviving the Experience, Part 3
X-Men Blue 36 Surviving the Experience, Conclusion
X-Men Blue INT 4 Cry Havok
X-Men Blue INT 5 Surviving the Experience