Jamal Yaseem Igle

Reeks Functie(s)
The 52 Tekeningen
Action Comics Tekeningen
L' armée des anges Tekeningen
The Art of Zenescope Tekeningen
Daredevil/Shi Tekeningen, Cover
Firestorm Tekeningen, Cover
Firestorm, The Nuclear Man Tekeningen
G.I. Joe (IDW) Cover
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Tekeningen
G.I. Joe: Cobra Files Cover
G.I. Joe: Special Missions (IDW Publishing) Cover
Geiger Cover
Green Lantern Tekeningen
Green Lantern Corps Tekeningen
Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War Tekeningen
Grimm Fairy Tales presents Wounded Warriors Special Cover
Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths & Legends Cover
Iron Fist/Wolverine Tekeningen, Cover
Kiss (IDW) Tekeningen, Inkting, Cover
Nightwing Tekeningen, Cover
Noble Causes Tekeningen
Noble Causes: Archives Tekeningen, Inkting
Noble Causes: Extended Family Tekeningen, Inkting
The Ray Tekeningen, Cover
Robin (DC Comics) Tekeningen
Supergirl Tekeningen
Superman Tekeningen
Superman: La dernière bataille de la nouvelle Krypton Tekeningen
Superman: The Black Ring Tekeningen
Superman: War of the Supermen Tekeningen
The Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy Tekeningen, Cover
Tomoe/Witchblade: Fire Sermon Tekeningen
Vindication Cover
Zatanna Tekeningen
Zombie Tramp Cover