Michael DiPascale

Reeks (alfabetisch) Functie(s)   
Absolution Cover, Kleuren cover
Absolution: Rubicon Cover
Anna Mercury Cover
Belladonna (Shand) Cover
Caligula Cover
Cinema Purgatorio Tekeningen, Cover
Crossed Cover
Crossed Plus One Hundred Cover
Crossed: Badlands Tekeningen, Cover
Crossed: Family Values Cover
Crossed: Psychopath Cover
Crossed: Terres maudites Tekeningen, Cover
Cthulhu Tales Cover
Dark Gods Tekeningen, Kleuren, Cover
God is Dead Tekeningen, Inkting, Cover
Grimm Fairy Tales Cover
Grimm Spotlight: Hercules Payne vs The Scorpion Queen Cover
Hellina (Boundless Comics) Cover
In the House of the Worm Cover
Lady Death (Boundless Comics) Cover
Lady Death Origins: Cursed Cover
Lady Death: Origins Cover
Night of the Living Dead (Avatar) Cover
Night of the Living Dead: Death Valley Cover
Providence Kleuren cover
Providence (Fusion Comics) Kleuren cover
Rover Red Charlie Tekeningen, Inkting, Kleuren, Cover
Supergod Cover
Uber: Invasion Cover
Unbound Cover
War Goddess Cover
Über Cover
Über (Panini) Cover