Irving "Irv" Watanabe

Reeks Functie(s)
Amazing Adventures (Marvel) Lettering
The Amazing Spider-Man Lettering
The Avengers Epic Collection Lettering
Black Goliath Lettering
Captain Britain Lettering
The Champions (Marvel) Lettering
Classic Star Wars: A Long Time Ago Lettering
Classic X-Men Lettering
Daredevil Lettering
The Defenders (Marvel) Lettering
Doc Savage Lettering
Doctor Strange Lettering
Dragonslayer Lettering
Essential Marvel Team-Up Lettering
Essential Moon Knight Lettering
Essential Ms. Marvel Lettering
Essential Nova Lettering
Essential Spider-Woman Lettering
Essential Thor Lettering
Essential X-Men Lettering
Eternals by Jack Kirby Lettering
Eternals Omnibus Lettering
The Eternals Lettering
Fantastic Four Lettering
Giant-Size Hulk Lettering
Giant-Size Spider-Woman Lettering
De Hulk Tekeningen
Hulk: Heart of the Atom Lettering
The Human Fly Kleuren, Lettering
The Incredible Hercules Lettering
The Incredible Hulk Lettering
The Inhumans Lettering
The Invaders Lettering
The Invincible Iron Man Lettering
John Carter Warlord of Mars Lettering
Logan's Run Lettering
Marvel comics - Le meilleur des super-héros (Hachette) Lettering
Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man Lettering
Marvel Super Special Lettering
Marvel's Space-Born Superhero! Captain Marvel Lettering
Moon Knight Epic Collection Lettering
Ms. Marvel Lettering
Not Brand Echh! Lettering
Nova Lettering
Official Index to the Marvel Universe Cover
The Rampaging Hulk Lettering
Son of Satan Lettering
Spider-Woman Lettering
Star Wars (Marvel Illustrated Books) Lettering
Star Wars (Marvel) Lettering
Star Wars: The original Marvel Years Lettering
Star Wars: The original Marvel Years Omnibus Lettering
The Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Lettering
The Uncanny X-Men Lettering
Women of Marvel Lettering
The X-Men Omnibus Lettering
X-Men vs. Hulk Lettering