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David Aja Fernandez

Pseudoniemen: David Aja

Reeks + Strip Rang / Score
Daredevil Ultimate Collection 4 Brubaker/Lark, Book 1 8.00
Red Skull INT 1 Incarnate 8.00
5 Ronin 1 The Way of the One 7.50
5 Ronin 2 The Way of the Monk 7.50
5 Ronin 3 The Way of the Samurai 7.50
5 Ronin 4 The Way of the Butterfly 7.50
5 Ronin 5 The Way of the Fool 7.50
5 Ronin INT 1 5 Ronin 7.50
Daredevil INT A20 Return of the king 7.50
Daredevil Omnibus 3 Volume 3 7.00
Thor B600 Victory 7.00
The Punisher J5 Issue #5 6.50
Darth Maul 2 Issue #2 6.00
Marvel Comics - La collection (Hachette) 75 Secret Avengers: Mission to Mars 6.00
The New Avengers 50 Dark Reign, Part 3 6.00
Poe Dameron 4 Lockdown, Part 1 6.00
Secret Avengers INT 1 Mission To Mars 6.00
Star Wars (Marvel) A21 The Last Flight of the Harbinger, Part 1 5.00
Archer & Armstrong A1 Sons of Perdition
Archer & Armstrong A3 Issue #3
Black Panther: The Man Without Fear 516 Issue #516
Bloodshot (Valiant) A1 Dunk Tank
Bloodshot (Valiant) A4 Good Girl
Captain America by Ed Brubaker Omnibus 3 Captain America Lives!
Civil War: Front Line 3 Embedded, Part Three
Civil War: Front Line INT 1 Book 1
Daredevil A88 The Secret Life of Foggy Nelson
Daredevil A111 Lady Bullseye, Part 1
Daredevil A116 Return of the King, Prologue: On the Costa da Morte
Daredevil: Black & White 1 Issue #1
Giant-Size Wolverine 1 House of Blood and Sorrow
Godshaper 1 Issue #1
Hail Hydra 3 Issue #3
Harbinger A5 Omega Rising: Conclusion
Hawkeye C1 Lucky, a Clint Barton Adventure
Hawkeye C2 Vagabond Code
Hawkeye C3 Cherry
Hawkeye C4 The Tape, Part 1
Hawkeye C5 The Tape, Part 2
Hawkeye C6 Six Days in the Life of
Hawkeye C7 Issue #7
Hawkeye C8 Doomed Love
Hawkeye C9 Girls
Hawkeye C11 Pizza Dog in Pizza is My Business
Hawkeye C13 The U in Funeral
Hawkeye C14 Issue #14
Hawkeye C15 Fun and Games
Hawkeye C16 Recording Tape
Hawkeye C17 Issue #17
Hawkeye C18 Issue #18
Hawkeye C19 The Stuff What Don't Get Spoke
Hawkeye C20 Issue #20
Hawkeye C21 Rio Bravo
Hawkeye C22 Issue #22
Hawkeye INT C1 My Life as a Weapon
Hawkeye INT C2 Little Hits
Hawkeye INT C3 L.A. Woman
Hawkeye INT C4 Rio Bravo
Hawkeye INT C HC1 Volume 1
Hawkeye INT C HC2 Volume 2
Hawkeye INT C OM1 Omnibus, by Matt Fraction & David Aja
Higher Earth 1 Issue #1
Howard The Duck E1 Issue #1
The Immortal Iron Fist 1 The Last Iron Fist Story, Part 1
The Immortal Iron Fist 2 The Last Iron Fist Story, Part 2
The Immortal Iron Fist 3 The Last Iron Fist Story, Part 3
The Immortal Iron Fist INT 1 The Last Iron Fist Story
The Immortal Iron Fist INT 2 The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven
The Immortal Iron Fist INT 3 The Book of the Iron Fist
Immortal Weapons 1 Fat cobra
Immortal Weapons 2 Bride of Nine Spiders
Immortal Weapons 3 Dog Brother, Part 1: Urban Legend
Immortal Weapons 4 Tiger's Beautiful Daughter
Immortal Weapons 5 Prince of Orphans: The Loyal Ten Thousand Dead
Immortal Weapons INT 1 Immortal Weapons
The Invincible Iron Man F6 Irrational Actors
The Invincible Iron Man F8 World's Most Wanted, Part 1
Iron Fist (Panini Frankrijk) 1 L'histoire du dernier iron fist
Iron Fist (Panini Frankrijk) 2 Les sept capitales célestes (I)
Iron Fist (Panini Frankrijk) 3 Les sept capitales célestes (II)
Karnak 1 The Flaw in All Things, Part 1
Karnak 2 The Flaw In All Things, Part 2
Karnak 3 The Flaw In All Things, Part 3
Karnak 4 The Flaw In All Things, Part 4
Marvel Comics - La collection (Hachette) 123 Hawkeye: Ma vie est une arme
Marvel comics - Le meilleur des super-héros (Hachette) 28 Iron Fist
Marvel Knights: 4 28 Private Lives, Public Faces
Marvel Zombies S1 The Covers
Marvel: Your Universe 1 Issue #1
Marvel: Your Universe 3 Issue #3
Marvel: Your Universe 4 Issue #4
Marvel: Your Universe 5 Issue #5
Marvel: Your Universe 6 Issue #6
Rai (Valiant) A1 Welcome to New Japan
Red Skull 1 Issue #1
Red Skull 2 Issue #2
Red Skull 3 Issue #3
Red Skull 4 Issue #4
Red Skull 5 Issue #5
Scarlet Witch A1 Issue #1
Scarlet Witch A2 Issue #2
Scarlet Witch A3 Issue #3
Scarlet Witch A4 Issue #4
Scarlet Witch A5 Issue #5
Scarlet Witch A6 Issue #6
Scarlet Witch A7 Enter the Wu
Scarlet Witch A8 Issue #8
Secret Avengers 18 No Zone
Secret Avengers INT 4 Run the Mission, Don't Get Seen, Save the World
The Seeds 1 Before We Go
The Seeds 2 Metafork
Star Wars (Marvel) INT A*2 Volume 2
The Wicked + The Divine 21 Issue #21
Wolverine INT B10 Blood & Sorrow
Wolverine: Debt of Death 1 Wolverine: Debt of Death
X-O Manowar (Valiant) A1 Blades and Open Fields