Tim Townsend

Reeks (alfabetisch) Functie(s)   
A+X Inkting, Inkting cover
Age of X-Man: NextGen Inkting cover
Age of X: Alpha Inkting cover
All-New X-Men Inkting cover
All-New X-Men (Standaard) Inkting
The Amazing Spider-Girl Inkting
The Amazing Spider-Man Inkting, Inkting cover
Ant (Arcana) Inkting cover
Astonishing X-men Inkting, Inkting cover
The Authority (Panini) Inkting
The Authority (Semic) Inkting cover
The Authority Inkting, Inkting cover
Avengers Arena Inkting cover
The Avengers Inkting, Inkting cover
Avengers: Fear Itself Inkting
Battle Chasers Inkting
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Inkting cover
Danger Girl Inkting
Daredevil Inkting
Daredevil Ultimate Collection Inkting
Dark Avengers Inkting
Dark Reign: The Sinister Spider-Man Inkting
DC Comics - Le meilleur des super-héros Inkting
Doctor Strange Inkting, Inkting cover
Eternals (Gaiman) Inkting
The Eternals Inkting
Excalibur (Marvel) Inkting cover
Excalibur Visionaries: Warren Ellis Inkting
Exiles Inkting
Fantastic Four Epic Collection Inkting
The Flash Inkting cover
Gen 13 (Junior Press) Inkting
Generatie X Inkting
Generation X Inkting, Inkting cover
Generation X Classic Inkting
Generation X Epic Collection Inkting
House of M Inkting, Inkting cover
House of M (Dark Dragon Books) Inkting, Inkting cover
House of M: Prelude Cover
Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor Kleuren cover
Invincible Inkting cover
Juggernaut: The Eighth Day Inkting cover
Lady Deadpool Inkting
Magneto: Dark Seduction Inkting cover
Marvel Comics - La collection (Hachette) Inkting, Inkting cover
Marvel comics - Le meilleur des super-héros (Hachette) Inkting
Marvel Now! Omnibus Inkting
Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham Inkting cover
The New Avengers Inkting, Inkting cover
New X-Men (Panini) Inkting
New X-Men: Academy X Inkting cover
Nova (Marvel) Inkting cover
Official Index to the Marvel Universe Cover
Onslaught Inkting
Original Sin Inkting
The Pulse Inkting
The Rise of Apocalypse Inkting cover
Spiderman Inkting
Star Wars Infinities: The Empire Strikes Back Inkting cover
Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier Inkting cover
Superman Inkting
Superman for Tomorrow Inkting
Superman: For Tomorrow Inkting
Superman: Pour demain Inkting
Superman: President Luthor Inkting
True Believers: Age Of Apocalypse Inkting, Inkting cover
True Believers: House of M Inkting
Ultimate War Inkting
Ultimate X-Men Inkting
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Inkting cover
Uncanny X-Force Kleuren cover
The Uncanny X-Men Inkting, Inkting cover
Uncanny X-Men: The New Age Inkting, Inkting cover
Wolverine Inkting, Inkting cover
Wolverine & the X-Men Tekeningen, Inkting, Inkting cover
Wolverine (Junior Press) Inkting
Wolverine Epic Collection Inkting
Wolverine: The Adamantium Collection Inkting
X-Force Inkting
X-Force: Phalanx Covenant Inkting
X-Men (JuniorPress) Inkting
X-Men (Marvel) Inkting, Inkting cover
X-Men Adventures Inkting cover
X-Men Black Inkting
X-Men Black: Emma Frost Inkting
X-Men Unlimited Inkting
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Inkting
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Alpha Inkting
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Omega Inkting, Inkting cover
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Reign Inkting
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Twilight Inkting
X-Men: Alpha Inkting, Inkting cover
X-Men: Battle of the Atom Inkting
X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - Storm & Gambit Inkting
X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - X-Men vs. Vampires Inkting
X-Men: Dawn of the Age of Apocalyps Inkting
X-Men: Legion Quest Inkting
X-Men: Messiah Complex Inkting
X-Men: Omega Inkting
X-Men: Prime Inkting
X-Men: Regenesis Kleuren cover
X-Men: Road to Onslaught Inkting
X-Men: The Adamantium Collection Inkting
X-Men: The Age of Apocalypse Omnibus Inkting
X-Men: The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic Inkting
X-Men: The Complete Onslaught Epic Inkting
X-Men: The Hidden Years Inkting cover
X-Men: Twilight of the Age of Apocalypse Inkting