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Thomas Yeates

Reeks + Strip Rang / Score
Conan A1 Out of the Darksome Hills 9.00
Prince Valiant (Fantagraphics) 7 Vol. 7: 1949-1950 8.50
Universe X S3 Cap 8.50
Universe X S4 Beasts 8.50
The Official Teen Titans Index 2 The Official Teen Titans Index 8.00
The Official Teen Titans Index 3 The Official Teen Titans Index 8.00
Conan A4 Gates of Paradise 7.00
Conan (Dark Dragon) 4 De god in de schaal 7.00
The House of Mystery Special 4 Rampspoed 7.00
Swamp Thing INT A6 Reunion 7.00
Paradise X S3a Ragnarok 1 of 2 6.75
Paradise X S3b Ragnarok 2 of 2 6.75
The Big Lie 1 Issue #1 6.00
Alien Worlds 3 Issue #3
Alien Worlds 5 Issue #5
Alien Worlds INT 1 Book One
Aztec Ace 7 Murdicide
Aztec Ace 10 Lord of the Smoking Mirror
Aztec Ace 11 Reflections in a Demon's Eye
Aztec Ace 14 The Cleopatra Exchange
Aztec Ace 15 Relax! Bridget Goes to Hollywood
Classic Star Wars 13 Issue #13
Conan A3 At the back of the North wind
Conan A5 Ashes and dust
Conan A6 Day of farewell
Conan A7 Blood for blood
Conan A9 Two Nemedians walk into a bar
Conan A10 The temple of Kallian publico
Conan A11 The god in the bowl
Conan A13 The devil within
Conan A14 The Ibis and the Serpent
Conan INT A1 The Frost-Giant's Daughter and Other Stories
Conan INT A2 The God in the Bowl and Other Stories
Conan INT A C1 The Colossal Conan
Conan (Dark Dragon) INT 2 Collector's pack 2
Conan Omnibus 1 Birth of the legend
Dark Horse Presents A9 Issue #9
Dark Horse Presents A10 Issue #10
Dark Horse Presents B23 Issue #23
Dark Horse Presents B27 Issue #27
Dark Horse Twenty Years 1 Dark Horse 20 Years
Dracula versus Zorro 1 Issue #1
Dracula versus Zorro 1 Dracula versus Zorro
Dracula versus Zorro 1 Issue #1
Dracula versus Zorro 2 Issue #2
Groo vs. Conan 1 Issue #1
Groo vs. Conan 2 Issue #2
Groo vs. Conan 3 Issue #3
Groo vs. Conan 4 Issue #4
The Hedge Knight 4 Issue #4
Jonah Hex 53 The Haunting
Jonah Hex 54 Trapped in the Parrot's Lair
Jonah Hex 55 Trail of Blood!
Jurassic Park (IDW) 1 Redemption, Chapter One
Jurassic Park (IDW) 2 Redemption, Chapter Two
Jurassic Park (IDW) 3 Redemption, Chapter Three
Jurassic Park (IDW) 4 Redemption, Chapter Four
Jurassic Park (IDW) 5 Redemption, Chapter Five
La loi du désert 1 La loi du désert
The Lone Ranger & Zorro: The Death of Zorro 1 Issue #1
Nightmare Theater 1 Issue #1
The Once and Future Tarzan 1 The Once and Future Tarzan
The Once and Future Tarzan A1 The Once and Future Tarzan
The Outlaw Prince 1 The Outlaw Prince
Prinz Eisenherz 88 Entführt!
Prinz Eisenherz 89 Familienbande
Prinz Eisenherz 90 Unerwünschte Gäste
Prinz Eisenherz 91 Der Schatz
Superman 422 Dark Moon Rising!
Swamp Thing A1 What Peace There May be in Silence
Swamp Thing A2 Something to Live For
Swamp Thing A3 A Town Has Turned to Blood
Swamp Thing A4 In the White Room
Swamp Thing A5 The Screams of Hungry Flesh
Swamp Thing A6 Sins on the Water
Swamp Thing A7 I Have Seen the Splintered Timbers of a Hundred Shattered Hulls
Swamp Thing A8 Here's Lookin' At You, Kid
Swamp Thing A9 Prelude to Holocaus
Swamp Thing A10 Number of the Beast
Swamp Thing A11 Heart of Stone, Feet of Clay
Swamp Thing A12 And Yet It Lives
Swamp Thing A13 Lambs to the Slaughter
Swamp Thing A14 Crystal Visions, Shattered Dreams!
Swamp Thing A15 Empire Made of Sand
Swamp Thing A16 Stopover in a Place of Secret Truths
Swamp Thing A17 ...And Things That Go Bump in the Night
Swamp Thing A18 The Man Who Would Not Die!
Swamp Thing A19 And the Meek Shall Inherit...
Swamp Thing A20 Loose Ends
Swamp Thing A21 The Anatomy Lesson
Swamp Thing A22 Swamped
Swamp Thing A23 Another Green World
Swamp Thing A24 Roots
Swamp Thing A64 Return Of The Good Gumbo
Swamp Thing A67 The Wisdom of Solomon
Swamp Thing A69 Wild Thing
Swamp Thing A79 Waiting for God (Oh!
Swamp Thing A86 Heroes of the Revolution
Swamp Thing A87 Fall of the House of Pendragon
Swamp Thing A88 Survival of the Fittest
Swamp Thing A89 Founding Fathers
Swamp Thing A112 All the Swamp King's Men
Swamp Thing A113 Fear and Loathing on the Bayou Trail
Swamp Thing INT A7 Regenesis
Swamp Thing INT A9 Infernal Triangles
Swamp Thing A AN3 Distant Cousins
Tomahawk 1 Tomahawk