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Harry Matthews (DC)

In de reeks The Demon

1 Unleash The One Who Waits
2 My Tomb in Castle Branek
3 Reincarnators
4 The Creature From The Beyond
5 Merlin's Word... Demon's Wrath
7 A Witchboy
8 Phantom of the Sewers
9 Whatever Happened To Farley Fairfax?
10 The Thing That Screams
11 Baron Von Evilstein
12 Rebirth of Evil
13 The Night of the Demon
14 Witchboy
INT 1 Jack Kirby's The Demon
A3 So Made He in His Likeness
INT A1 The Demon: From the Darkness
B4 In Loving Memory
B5 The Scheme of Things
B6 Song of the Demon
B7 Demon King
B8 Home is the Hero
B9 Apocolypse Now!, Part 1: Signs and Portents
B10 Apocolypse Now!, Part 2: Secret Origins
B11 Apocolypse Now!, Part 3: Stranger than Fiction
B12 Apocolypse Now!, Part 4: Behold a Pale Rider
B13 Apocolypse Now!, Part 5: Brothers in Arms
B14 Apocolypse Now!, Part 6: The End is Nigh(ish)
B15 Apocolypse Now!, Part 7:Boom
B21 Labyrinth
B23 The Return of the Howler! Part 1: Buddies
B26 Political Asylum! Part 1: Damage Control
B28 Political Asylum! Part 3: Spin Control
B29 Political Asylum! Part 4: Out of Control
B30 It Happened One Night
B31 The Eternity Quest, Part 1
B33 The Eternity Quest, Part 3: The Fraggin'-A Team
B34 The Eternity Quest, Part 4: Big Fights in Hell
B35 The Eternity Quest, Part 5: Don't Mess with the Four Dudes
B38 The Eternity Quest, Part 8: Anyone Who Had a Heart
B39 The Eternity Quest, Part 9: Funeral for a Fiend
B42 Hell's Hitman, Part 1: Fall and Rise
B43 Hell's Hitman, Part 2: Cry Havoc
B44 Hell's Hitman, Part 3: A Night on the Town
B49 From Hell
B51 Sons & Lovers
B52 Suffer the Children, Part 1
B53 Suffer the Children, Part 2
B54 Suffer the Children, Part 3
INT B1 Hell's Hitman
INT B2 The Longest Day
B AN1 Ex-Nihilo...Death!

In de reeks Blood of the Demon

4 Masks
6 The Gathering Storm
7 Cages of the Mind
8 Mind Games
9 Tortured Souls
10 New Gods and Old Monsters
11 Angels & Devils
12 Wrath Of The Lamb
13 Demon Quest
14 This Painful Existence
15 Lost & Found
16 Pandemonium
17 The End

In de reeks Detective Comics

485 The Vengeance Vow!