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Lucius Fox

In de reeks Batman: Face the Face

1 Batman: Face the Face

In de reeks Batgirl

B8 Batgirl Rising: Robins Are Red...

In de reeks Batman: Hush

1 Batman: Hush

In de reeks Batman: Knightfall

A1 Knightfall

In de reeks Batman Confidential

1 Rules of Engagement, Part 1
2 Rules of Engagement, Part 2
3 Rules of Engagement, Part 3
INT 1 Rules of Engagement

In de reeks Batman: No Man's Land

INT 5 Volume 5
INT A4 Volume 4

In de reeks Batman: Under the Red Hood

1 Boek 1

In de reeks Batman Incorporated (Lion)

1 Duivelsster
2 Gothams Most Wanted

In de reeks Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight

126 No Man's Land: Endgame, Part 1: Silent Night

In de reeks Batman Incorporated

A10 Gotham's Most Wanted
A12 Fatherless

In de reeks DC Comics - Le meilleur des super-héros

2 Batman: Silence, 2e partie

In de reeks Batman: Cataclysm

1 Batman: Cataclysme
1a Batman: Cataclysm

In de reeks Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

2 Last Turtle Standing

In de reeks Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special

3 Ghosts

In de reeks Absolute Batman: Haunted Knight

1 Absolute Batman: Haunted Knight

In de reeks Batman: The Dark Knight

A15 Cross to Bear
A28 Corporate Raider

In de reeks Birds of Prey: Batgirl/Catwoman

1 Birds of Prey: Batgirl/Catwoman

In de reeks Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey

1 One Man's Hell

In de reeks Birds of Prey

INT 1 Birds of Prey
INT A1 Birds of Prey

In de reeks Batman: Gotham Knights

8 Transference, Part 1
23 Fear of Success

In de reeks Batman: Haunted Knight (Lion)

1 Batman: Haunted Knight

In de reeks Batman: Family

1 Perception

In de reeks Batman: Rebirth

1 Issue #1

In de reeks Batwing: Futures End

1 Leviathan Rises

In de reeks Batwing

21 Lion-Mane's Fangs of Doom!
22 Daddy Issues
23 Smash
27 Not All That Glitters
28 Master Torres Was Right
29 Going Down to the Underground
30 Underbelly
31 Into the Dark
32 Family is Everything
INT 4 Welcome to the Family
INT 5 Into the Dark

In de reeks Robin (DC Comics)

A14 Troika, Part 4: Big City Bomber

In de reeks Batman: The Dark Knight (Lion)

A2 Cyclus van geweld
A4 Klei

In de reeks Batman - DC Universum Herboren

1 Ik ben Gotham

In de reeks Batman by Ed Brubaker

1 Volume 1

In de reeks Batman: Road to No Man's Land

1 Volume One
2 Volume Two

In de reeks Batman

307 Dark Messenger of Mercy!
308 There'll Be a Cold Time in the Old Town Tonight!
310 The Ghost Who Haunted Batman
312 A Caper a Day Keeps the Batman At Bay
313 Two for the Money!
314 One Beaten, Twice Sly!
315 Danger on the Wing!
316 Color Me Deadly!
317 The 1,001 Clue Caper Or Why Did The Riddler Cross The Road
318 My City Burns At Both Ends
319 Never Give Up the Ghost!
321 Dreadful Birthday, Dear Joker...!
323 Shadow of the Cat!
325 Death - Twenty Stories High
326 This Way Lies Madness!
328 Double Jeopardy
330 Target!
331 Closed Circuit!
332 Fallout!
336 While the Bat's Away ...
339 A Sweet Kiss of Poison...
342 Requiem for a Hero
344 Monster My Sweet!
346 Half a Hero
363 Elegant Night Crimes
382 The Vengeance Spiral
397 Binary Brains
399 Strike Two!
443 The Coming of Crimesmith
444 Crimesmith and Punishment
484 Warpaint
485 Faces of Death
487 Box of Blood
488 Costumes
495 Knightfall, Part 7: Strange Bedfellows
515 Troika, Part 1: Dark Rider, Cold Warrior
523 Scarecrow, Part 1: Dark Wings Fly Away in Fear
541 The Spectre of Vengeance, Part 2: Mask of Guilt
553 Cataclysm, Part 3: Lifelines
554 Cataclysm, Part 12: Master of Destruction
556 Help, Trapped, Money, Rescue, Ruins
561 Bruce Wayne Goes To Washington, Part 2: The Witness
562 Bruce Wayne Goes to Washington, Part 3: The Devil His Due!
573 Shellgame, Part 1: Gambits
583 Fearless, Part 2
585 Measure for Measure
615 Hush, Chapter 8: The Dead
635 Under the Hood, Part 1: New Business
651 Face the Face, Part 2
704 Eye of the Beholder, Part 1: Hear No Evil
706 Eye of the Beholder, Part 3: Speak No Evil
707 Eye of the Beholder, Conclusion: The Evil Within
INT 6 Hush, Volume 2
INT 18 Eye of the Beholder
INT A2 Under the Red Hood
A31 Savage City, Part 2
A32 Savage City, Part 3: Ark
A33 Savage City, Part 4
INT A5 Zero Year - Dark City
INT A10 Epilogue
B86 Their Dark Designs, Part 1
B87 Their Dark Designs, Part 2
B88 Their Dark Designs, Part 3
B89 Their Dark Designs, Part 4
B91 Their Dark Designs, Part 6
B95 The Joker War, Part 1
INT B9 The Tyrant Wing
INT B*1 Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1

In de reeks Batman Secret Files

1 Issue #1

In de reeks Batman: Prelude to Knightfall

1 Batman: Prelude to Knightfall

In de reeks Batman by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones

1 Volume 1
2 Volume 2

In de reeks Batman: Knightfall - 25th Anniversary Edition

1 Volume 1

In de reeks Batman: The Caped Crusader

2 The Origin of Robin

In de reeks Batman door Brian Azzarello en Eduardo Risso

1 Batman door Brian Azzarello en Eduardo Risso

In de reeks DC Comics - La légende de Batman

2 L'an zéro - 2e partie
23 Knightfall: Prologue
25 Knightfall, 2ème partie
52 Le fils prodigue, 3ème partie
61 Cataclysme, 1ère partie
62 Cataclysme, 2ème partie
68 No man's land, 3 ème partie

In de reeks Detective Comics

682 Troika, Part 3: The Doomsday Clock
B1009 Survivor
B1011 The Rising Sun
B1014 Cold Dark World: Awake!
B1017 Orphans
B1018 Dead of Winter, Part 1: Have Yourself a Pagan Little Christmas
B1019 Dead of Winter, Part 2: Bloody New Year
B1025 Tales From the Joker War: Attack On Wayne Enterprises!

In de reeks Batman/Superman

A11 Atomic, Part 3
INT A2 World's Deadliest