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Nick Fury/Nicholas Joseph Fury

In de reeks Ultimate X-Men

INT 5 Ultimate War
INT B3 Ultimate Collection, Book 3

In de reeks Fury (Max)

1 Be Careful What You Wish For
2 Apocalypse Shortly
3 Here Comes the Pain
4 See You and Raise
5 On Your Guns
6 The Man Who Loved the War
INT 1 Fury

In de reeks The Marvels Project

1 Issue #1
2 Issue #2
3 Issue #3
4 Issue #4
5 Issue #5
8 Issue #8
INT 1 Birth of the Super Heroes

In de reeks Fear Itself: Captain America

7.1 Fear Itself: Captain America

In de reeks Essential Sgt. Fury

1 Sgt. Fury vol.1

In de reeks Avengers 1959

1 Issue #1
3 Issue #3
4 Issue #4

In de reeks Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller

INT 3 Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller, Vol. 3

In de reeks Deadpool

B50 Dead, Part 1

In de reeks Winter Soldier

3 The Longest Winter, Part 3

In de reeks Battle Scars

5 Issue #5

In de reeks Astonishing X-men

B3 Gifted, Part 3
B5 Gifted, Part 5
B6 Gifted, Part 6
INT B A1 Volume 1
INT B C1 Omnibus

In de reeks Fury: Peacemaker

1 Kasserine Pass
2 The War Without the Army
3 Weapon of Choice
4 Final Solution
5 Beasts
6 The End of the Beginning

In de reeks Daredevil by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson

3 Volume 3

In de reeks Ultimate War

1 Issue #1
3 Issue #3

In de reeks Daredevil Ultimate Collection

2 Bendis/Maleev, Book 2

In de reeks Punisher: P.O.V.

1 Foresight
2 Extrospection
3 Introspection
4 Hindsight

In de reeks Fury Max

1 While All the Planet's Little Wars Start Joining Hands
2 Number One Fucky
3 And Some People Left for Heaven Without Warning
4 If We Was Meant To Be Cowboys
5 Get Ready to Shed a Tear
6 An' Go to Your Gawd As a Soldier
7 Mister Chained Blue Lightning
10 The Sunny Slopes of Long Ago
11 My Brother Earned His Medals At My Lai in Vietnam
INT 1 My War Gone by, Book 1

In de reeks Secret Warriors Omnibus

1 Secret Warriors Omnibus

In de reeks Daredevil

73 Behold... The Brotherhood!
120 And A Hydra New Year!
A61 The Widow, Part 1
A64 The Widow, Part 4
A65 The universe
INT A A4 King of Hell's Kitchen and The Widow

In de reeks S.H.I.E.L.D. by Steranko: The Complete Collection

1 The Complete Collection

In de reeks Uncanny Avengers

7 The Apocalypse Twins, Part 2
INT 2 The Apocalypse Twins

In de reeks Wolverine

B20 Enemy of the State, Part 1
B21 Enemy of the State, Part 2
B23 Enemy of the State, Part 4
INT B4 Enemy of the State, Volume 1
D2 Hunting Season, Part 2
D3 Hunting Season, Part 3
D4 Hunting Season, Part 4
D5 Drowning Logan, Part 1
D6 Drowning Logan, Part 2
D7 Mortal
D8 Killable, Part 1
D9 Killable, Part 2
D10 Killable, Part 3
D11 Killable, Part 4
D12 Killable, Part 5
INT D1 Hunting Season
INT D2 Killable

In de reeks Humo presenteert (Marvel)

5 Captain America: Winter Soldier

In de reeks PunisherMax

22 War's End
INT 4 Homeless
INT OM1 Omnibus, by Jason Aaron

In de reeks Captain America

E1 American Dreamers, Part 1
E4 American Dreamers, Part 4
INT E1 Volume 1
F11 Loose Nuke, Part 1: A Fire in the Rain
F13 Loose Nuke, Part 3
F14 Loose Nuke, Part 4
F15 Loose Nuke, Part 5
INT F3 Loose Nuke

In de reeks Punisher HC Collections (Marvel Knights)

1 Volume 1

In de reeks Uncanny Avengers (Standaard)

3 Deel 3

In de reeks Wolverine (Standaard)

1 Deel 1
2 Deel 2
3 Deel 3
4 Deel 4

In de reeks Squadron Supreme

B1 Power to the People!, Part 1: Four for the Future!
B2 Power to the People!, Part 2: Another Country Heard From...
B3 Power to the People!, Part 3: Stand of Fall!
B8 Gather, Darkness!
B10 A Cancer within
INT B1 Power to the People
INT B2 Bright Shining Lies

In de reeks The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

5 Issue #5
INT 2 Squirrel You Know It's True

In de reeks Captain America (Standaard)

4 Deel 4
5 Deel 5

In de reeks Captain America by Ed Brubaker Omnibus

4 The Trial of Captain America
5 The Return of the Winter Soldier

In de reeks Spider-Men

5 Issue #5
INT 1 Spider-Men

In de reeks Ultimate Comics Ultimates

2 Issue #2
3 The Republic is Burning
7 Two Cities, Two Worlds
8 Two Cities, Two Worlds, Part 2
INT 1 Ultimates by Jonathan Hickman, Volume 1
INT 2 Ultimates By Jonathan Hickman, Volume 2

In de reeks SHIELD

1 They Are the Unliving!
2 The End of AIM!
3 The Moment of Overkill!
4 The Hiding Place!
5 HYDRA springs a Deadly Death-Trap!

In de reeks Strange Tales

135 The Greatest Action-Thriller of All Time!
168 Exile!

In de reeks The Punisher

A29 Too Many Dooms
A41 Should a Gentleman Offer a Tiparillo to a Lady?
F13 Mother Russia, Part 1
F14 Mother Russia, Part 2
F15 Mother Russia, Part 3
F16 Mother Russia, Part 4
F17 Mother Russia, Part 5
F18 Mother Russia, Part 6
F55 Valley Forge, Valley Forge, Part 1
F60 Valley Forge, Valley Forge, Conclusion
INT F3 Mother Russia
INT F10 Valley Forge, Valley Forge
K218 Punisher: War Machine, Part 1

In de reeks Marvel Comics - La collection (Hachette)

11 Astonishing X-Men: Surdou├ęs
102 Blessures de guerre

In de reeks Marvel comics - Le meilleur des super-héros (Hachette)

21 Nick Fury
61 Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man

In de reeks Sgt. Fury

130 Not a Man Shall Remain Alive
115 This One's for Fury
122 The Blitz Squad Strikes