Batgirl/Barbara Gordon

In de reeks All Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder

6 Episode 6
10 Episode 10

In de reeks Batman

197 Catwoman Sets Her Claws for Batman!
255 Moon of the Wolf!
311 Dr. Phosphorus Is Back!
346 Half a Hero
352 The Killer Sky!
355 Never Scratch a Cat
365 Ruins
511 The Night Before Zero
561 Bruce Wayne Goes To Washington, Part 2: The Witness
614 Hush, Chapter 7: The Joke
INT 6 Hush, Volume 2

In de reeks Batman: Hush

1 Batman: Hush

In de reeks Supergirl

C0 The New Adventures of Supergirl, the Girl of Steel

In de reeks Batman: The Dark Knight

A2 A Rush of Blood
A3 Catch Me If You Can

In de reeks Justice League Dark

7 Rise of the Vampires, Part 1: Red Blood, Dark Magic

In de reeks Nightwing (Urban Comics)

1 Pièges et trapèzes

In de reeks Batman: Earth One

1 Boek 1

In de reeks Batman: Night of the Owls

1 Batman: Night of the Owls

In de reeks Batman: Jekyll & Hyde

3 Death x Two

In de reeks Batman: Jekyll & Hyde (Lion)

1 Batman: Jekyll & Hyde

In de reeks Batman Confidential

17 The Cat and the Bat, Part 1
18 The Cat and the Bat, Part 2
19 The Cat and the Bat, Part 3
20 The Cat and the Bat, Part 4
21 The Cat and the Bat, Conclusion
30 ...Bad Cop
INT 4 The Cat and the Bat
INT 6 Dead to Rights

In de reeks The Joker: Death of the Family

1 The Joker: Death of the Family

In de reeks Batman & Robin (Lion)

3 Dood van de familie

In de reeks Zero Year

1 Zero Year

In de reeks Batman Saga

32 Numéro 32
33 Numéro 33

In de reeks Batman: League of Batmen

1 Issue #1
2 Issue #2

In de reeks Batgirl Secret Files and Origins

1 Issue #1

In de reeks Batgirl: Futures End

1 Darker in the Soul

In de reeks Young Romance: The New 52 Valentine's Day Special

1 The New 52 Valentine's Day Special

In de reeks Catwoman (DC)

C27 Happiness is a Cold Gun
C49 Run Like Hell, Part Three
INT C5 Race of Thieves

In de reeks Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight

181 The Secret City, Part 2

In de reeks JLA: Another Nail

2 Issue #2
INT 1 Another Nail

In de reeks The Batman Chronicles

5 Issue #5
9 Issue #9

In de reeks Birds of Prey: Black Canary/Batgirl

1 Black Canary/Batgirl

In de reeks Birds of Prey: Batgirl/Catwoman

1 Birds of Prey: Batgirl/Catwoman

In de reeks Birds of Prey: Catwoman/Oracle

2 Birds of Prey: Catwoman/Oracle

In de reeks Birds of Prey: Futures End

1 The Red League

In de reeks Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey

1 One Man's Hell

In de reeks Birds of Prey

8 On Wings
37 Red, Black and Blue
50 Busman's Holiday
71 Between Dark and Dawn, Part 3: Insanity Defense
75 Breathless
79 Hero Hunters, Part 4: She Rides the Eye of a Hurricane
84 Knock-Out
88 Perfect Pitch, Part 2: Duel
100 Blood & Circuits, Part 2: A Chance to do Good
103 Blood & Circuits, Part 4: Truth or Dare
109 Stone Cold Knockout
INT 1 Birds of Prey
INT 2 Old Friends, New Enemies
INT 5 Between Dark & Dawn
INT 6 The Battle Within
INT 7 Perfect Pitch
INT 8 Blood And Circuits
INT 11 Club Kids
INT A1 Birds of Prey
B0 First Flight
B1 Let Us Prey
B2 Trouble in Mind
B3 You Might Think
B4 Absolutely Mental
B5 Chokepoint
B6 Clean Getaway
B7 Brain Damage
B8 A Far Cry
B9 Gangland Style
B10 Heat Seekers
B11 Tangled Up Inside
B12 Heartbreak and Vine
B13 Swear By My Eyes
B15 Sayonara, Katana
B16 Lights Out
B17 Heartstopper!
B18 Burning Cold
B19 A Cold Day in Hell
B20 The Cruelest Cut
B21 Talon vs. Talon
B22 Operation Kaizen
B23 Dreams That Never Were
B24 Together Again
B25 Sunrise
B26 Torn apart
B27 Loose Ends
B28 The Wings of Truth
B29 The Eve of Battle
B30 Soul Crisis
B31 Death Jump!
B32 Expectations
B33 Pretty Lies and Ugly Truths
B34 Things Fall Apart
INT B1 Trouble In Mind
INT B2 Your Kiss Might Kill
INT B3 A Clash of Daggers
INT B4 The Cruelest Cut
INT B5 Soul Crisis

In de reeks Robin Rises: Alpha

1 Alpha

In de reeks Batman and Robin

A33 Cold Justice
A34 Ties That Bind
A35 Hellbound
A36 Chaos
A37 Black Hole Son
INT A4 Requiem for Damian
INT A7 Robin Rises

In de reeks Arkham Asylum: Living Hell

3 Cracked Up

In de reeks Secret Six

C11 The Gauntlet, Part 1: Head of the Class
C12 The Violence in Silence

In de reeks Deadshot: Beginnings

1 Deadshot: Beginnings

In de reeks Suicide Squad

48 In Control

In de reeks Batman: Gotham Knights

12 Damages
21 Retribution, Part 2: Contested
43 Knights Passed, Part 1: Batgirl & Robin

In de reeks Red Hood and the Outlaws

18 Last Dance. Last Chance.. for Death!

In de reeks Teen Titans

C16 Gotham Runs Red

In de reeks Booster Gold

A4 52 Pick-Up, Part 4: He's Gonna Save Every One of Us!
A5 52 Pick-Up, Part 5: No Joke
A11 Vicious Cycle, Part 1
INT A1 52 Pick-up
INT A3 Reality Lost

In de reeks Batgirl: Endgame

1 The Battle for the Burnside Bridge

In de reeks Batgirl

C18 The Mask of Ashes
INT 3 Death Wish
B1 Batgirl Rising: Point of New Origin, Part 1
INT B1 Batgirl Rising
INT B3 The Lesson
C0 A Fire in the Heavens
C2 Cut Short, Cut Deep
C3 A Breath of Broken Glass
C4 An End to Dreams
C5 A Candy Full of Spiders
C6 A House Made of Spun Glass
C7 A View from Below
C8 No Darker Shadow
C9 In the Line of Fire
C10 All Snug in Their Beds
C11 Heart of Cold Steel
C12 Every Time I Fall
C13 A Blade of Memory
C14 A Courtship of Razors
C15 Collision, Part 2: Engagement
C16 Collision, Part 3: Ceremony
C17 Endure the Flame
C19 A Blade from the Shadows
C20 A Splinter Where My Heart Should Be
C21 Enclosure
C22 A Day in a Life of Endless Velocity
C23 Batgirl Wanted, Part 1: Manhunt
C24 Batgirl Wanted, Part 2: Dragnet
C25 Homestead
C26 Batgirl Wanted, Part 3: Ambush
C27 A Healing Curse
C28 Silver
C29 A Conspiracy of Bats
C30 The Midnight Man!
C31 Wrath of the Ragdoll
C32 Deadline, Part 1: The Razors Under the Floorboards
C33 Deadline, Part 2: Enemies and Allies
C34 Deadline, Part 3: Crash and Burn
C35 Burned
C36 Tomorrow Cries Danger
C37 Double Exposure
C38 Likeable
C39 Batgirl vs Burnside
C40 Ghost in the Cowl
C41 Interference
C42 Surge Protection
C43 Tooth and Claw
C44 An Ambush of Tigers
C45 Dearly Beloved
C46 Gang War
C47 Police + Thieves
C48 Old Friends
C49 Mindfield
C50 Open Mind
C52 Turning the Page
INT C1 The Darkest Reflection
INT C2 Knightfall Descends
INT C3 Death of the Family
INT C4 Wanted
INT C5 Deadline
INT C6 Batgirl of Burnside
INT C7 Family Business
INT C8 Mindfields
C AN2 When Pamela Gets Blue
C AN3 The Gladius Objective
D2 Beyond Burnside, Part Two
D3 Beyond Burnside, Part 3
D4 Beyond Burnside, Part 4

In de reeks Black Canary

C12 Rock & Roll Suicide
INT C2 New Killer Star

In de reeks Hawk and Dove

A24 The Flame that Burns Twice as Bright!

In de reeks DC Comics - Le meilleur des super-héros

2 Batman: Silence, 2e partie
45 Batman: Les patients d'Arkham

In de reeks Batman: The Dark Knight Unwrapped

1 Batman: The Dark Knight Unwrapped

In de reeks Superman

268 Issue #268

In de reeks Batman: Road to No Man's Land

2 Volume Two

In de reeks Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Batgirl vs. Riddler

1 For Better or for Worse

In de reeks Batman: Prelude to the Wedding

1 Batman: Prelude to the Wedding

In de reeks Detective Comics

411 Into the Den of the Death-Dealers!
485 The Vengeance Vow!
489 Creatures of the Night
490 Requiem for a Martyr
518 The Millionaire Contract
A27 Issue #27
A28 Gothtopia, Part 2: The Maddening Crowd
A29 Gothtopia, Part 3: The Truth and Nothing But
A48 The Bronze Age: Blood of Heroes
INT A9 Gordon at War

In de reeks DC Comics - La légende de Batman

9 Terreurs nocturnes
22 Passé, présent, futur
47 A la recherche de Robin
48 La quête du démon