Vixen/Mari Jiwe Macabe

In de reeks Animal Man

10 Fox on the Run
11 Out of Africa
12 Secret Origins
20 The Last Enemy
INT 2 Origin of the Species

In de reeks Zatanna

A2 Fuseli's Nightmare

In de reeks Justice League International

13 Collision Course
B2 The Signal Masters, Part 2

In de reeks JLA (Panini comics - Frans)

3 Mesures extrêmes

In de reeks Superman: Camelot Falls

2 The Weight of the World

In de reeks Justice League of America

INT A3 The Injustice League
INT A5 Second Coming

In de reeks Birds of Prey

69 Between Dark and Dawn, Part 1
70 Between Dark and Dawn, Part 2: Huntress/Prey
71 Between Dark and Dawn, Part 3: Insanity Defense
72 Between Dark and Dawn, Part 4: Material Girl
73 Between Dark and Dawn, Part 5: Blood and Circuits
108 Whitewater, Epilogue: Swan Song
110 The Fan Club
112 The Warrior Wake of Zinda Blake
INT 5 Between Dark & Dawn
INT 9 Dead Of Winter
INT 11 Club Kids

In de reeks Birds of Prey: Secret Files and Origins

1 Issue #1

In de reeks Suicide Squad

11 Blood & Snow, Part 1
12 Blood & Snow, Part 2
13 Battle Lines
14 Nightshade Odyssey, Part 1: Slipping Into Darkness
15 Nightshade Odyssey, Part 2: Devil to Pay
16 Nightshade Odyssey, Part 3: Deathzone!
17 Battleground Manhattan
18 Manhattan Massacre
20 Practice to Deceive
22 Final Round
23 Weird War Tales
24 Slings and Arrows
25 Sea of Troubles
26 Stone Cold Dead
27 Scattermove
28 Death Game
29 Heavy Squad
30 Endgame
32 Steel Trap
33 Into the Angry Planet
35 That Hideous Strength
36 In Final Battle
37 Threads
38 Caging the Tiger
39 Dead Issue
40 The Phoenix Gambit, Part 1: Ashes
41 The Phoenix Gambit, Part 2: Embers
42 The Phoenix Gambit, Part 3: Firefight
43 The Phoenix Gambit, Part 4: Black Queen's Mate
45 The Jerusalem Serpent
46 Choice of Evils
47 Choice of Dooms
51 Fractured Image
58 Suicide Attack!
INT 2 The Nightshade Odyssey
INT 3 Rogues
AN1 Annual 1

In de reeks Secret Origins

28 Starring Midnight & Nightshade

In de reeks Outsiders: Five of a Kind - Wonder Woman/Grace

1 Five of a Kind, Part 5: Member of the Tribe

In de reeks Outsiders: Five of a Kind

1 Five of a Kind

In de reeks Booster Gold

A1 52 Pick-Up, Part 1: Secret Origins
A33 Past Imperfect!
INT A1 52 Pick-up
INT A6 Past Imperfect

In de reeks JSA

67 The Autopsy
INT 9 Lost

In de reeks Batgirl

C52 Turning the Page
INT C8 Mindfields

In de reeks Black Canary Wedding Planner

1 Black Canary Wedding Planner

In de reeks Firestorm

A6 Joyride
A22 Building a Better Firestorm, Book 2: Lost and Found

In de reeks The Fury of Firestorm

55 The Stench Of Brimstone

In de reeks Firestorm, The Nuclear Man

87 Freak Storm

In de reeks Countdown (DC Comics)

49 Issue #3

In de reeks Hawk and Dove

B2 Flight into Madness
B3 Hellhound on My Trail
B4 Road Rules
B5 Homecoming

In de reeks Green Arrow/Black Canary

4 Dead Again, Part 4: Please Play Where Daddy Can See You
INT 1 The Wedding Album

In de reeks Green Arrow

B16 The Archer's Quest, Part 1: Photograph
B75 Jericho Conclusion: And the Walls Came Tumbling Down
INT B3 The Archer's Quest
INT B9 Road to Jericho