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Karen Lou 'Kitty' Faulkner/Rampage

In de reeks Starman

13 Ghosts and Monsters
14 Look -- Up in the Sky...!
19 Heavy Artillery
20 Fire Fight
24 Shattered Lives
25 Impending Deadline
33 The Seduction of Starman, Part 4: Rough Road Back
36 Intruder Alert
37 Sophisticated Ladies
38 The Strange Odyssey of Achilles
39 The Great Starman Search
42 Star Shadows, Part 1: Sun Spots
45 Star Shadows: Part 4: Starlight, Star Bright
A36 1990: A Hero Once ...Despite Himself
A48 Stars My Destination, Part 1: Starman Blues
INT A7 A Starry Knight
INT A A5 The Starman Omnibus, Volume 5

In de reeks Superman: The Return of Superman

1 Superman: The Return of Superman

In de reeks The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus

1 The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus

In de reeks Superman: The Man of Steel

39 Life or Death

In de reeks Action Comics

759 Who is Strange Visitor?, Part 3: Where?

In de reeks Superman

453 Apparitions
450 Triple Threat
472 Clark Kent - Man of Steel!
505 Reign of the Superman!
514 Dangerous Visions
517 Death-Trap!
519 No One Defeats Brainiac!
525 Hard Decisions!
537 Creatures on the Loose!
540 Curtain Call
566 ...And Lose His Soul
585 Doubles
587 Metropolis: Hell of a Town
624 Strange New Visitor, Part 2
A7 Rampage!
A24 Power Politics
A78 Alive
A123 Superman... Reborn!
A201 Strange New Visitor, Part 3