De onzichtbare kunst

8.68/10 #596
11 stemmen Enkel strips met minimaal 10 stemmen krijgen een rangschikking
Scenario Scott McCloud
Tekeningen Scott McCloud
Lettering Bob Lappan
Editor Mark Martin
Uitgever(s) HarperCollins
Jaar 1994
Pagina's 228
ISBN 006097625X
Kaft Softcover
  Kleur en zwart/wit
Taal Engels


Take a magic carpet ride through the hidden worlds of comics storytelling.
Witness a history more than 3,000 years old.
Explore the secret between the panels.
Feel the energy of line and color.
Tap into the power of symbols.
Get a ring-side seat for the battle of words and pictures.
And most of all, see why comics can be as vital and important as film, prose or any other art form, though the fascinating process that leads to really understanding comics.

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